Raven (now Lola)

Raven (now Lola)

Chaos…please meet chaos! If I was to add a pinch of this and a dash of that to mix up the perfect family for Double Trouble I would have come up with this family! Raven now Lola (black) & Rayne now Lilly (blue) have met their match. This energetic family of 6 (not pictured mom & 2 year old skin sister who were cheering from the sidelines) are so excited to welcome these babies into their lives. Can’t wait to watch them grow up and see how much they all learn from each other. Eeeek!

Please welcome Raven and her sis Rayne to the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue family.

They write: “We are litter mates and we are best friends! We are double the trouble, double the pleasure and double the fun. We are 8 months old and we are perfect! You may wonder how we both ended up in rescue. And that’s OK to wonder, but truth is, we asked to leave the farm. We came from a family that has Bulldogs, and we knew that we wanted to be couch potatoes and learn to ride skateboards and take vacations and lay on someone’s sofa and watch TV.  Farm life was not exactly that, so here we are, headed to the vet for some necessary surgery and then we will be looking through all the applications to find us a family that would love two girls that are just amazing.

P.S. WE ARE PUPPIES! We are obsessed with chewing and we have razor sharp teeth.  We lived on the farm and we are still learning the inside rules and the outside rules. But right now, we just potty everywhere. We LOVE people, and licking and kissing and jumping and leaping seem natural.  If you have small kids, we will run over them and flatten them out like a pancakes. If you are not patient, we are not the sisters for you. Please don’t apply and ask to adopt us. We are little wild girlies and we have a lot of growing up to do.  However, if you are full of love, patience, time, treats, beds and toys, I think we would get along just fine. We are Raven and Rayne and we love you!”

8/10/16 Update:  Raven and Rayne are resting comfortably and settling in nicely at their foster home after their spay surgeries. Raven is being treated for conjunctivitis, so the redness in her eyes will be gone in no time. Stay tuned for the shenanigans!

8/16/16 Update:  Ummm…we have puppies. We’ve got very rambunctious puppies. They don’t stop. Ever. I have been with Raven and Rayne for three days now and I’ve learned a few things. You ARE only as old as you feel. These two have gotten me up and at ’em earlier than what I thought was possible during the summer, when there are no school alarms. Love is patient. Love is kind. And these two need lots of both. Raven and Rayne have one speed. Hyperspeed? The speed of light? The speed of sound? Which one is the fastest? That’s their speed. We finally got to test out their walking skills on a leash yesterday with the cooler temps that graced us. At first, Rayne layed flat out and had to be drug across the front lawn. Then she realized everyone else was taking off without her and that was enough motivation to get up off that belly and RUN! They didn’t do too badly for their first time. This is a skill that will be ongoing the next few weeks. Raven and Rayne will have this down in no time. The potty training hasn’t been too bad either. A few accidents here and there, but that is to be expected. In case you weren’t aware… we have puppies. I put them outside about every 30 minutes and they’ve been using the grassy facilities as needed. It has taken a village and they will need a village. If you are looking for that lazy Bully to hang out on the couch and watch the Olympics, these are not the pair. These two will make sure that you are only as old as you feel!

8/23/16 Update:  We got the all clear from Dr. W today. You can see by Raven’s expression how she felt about being probed in areas she was not expecting. Double Trouble are still a hot mess but definitely double the love, licks, & laughs. They haven’t slowed down. They don’t intend to slow down. Please do not expect them to slow down. They are doing great on the leash. Still learning but that’s to be expected. They have to go on walks together. They motivate each other. If you take just one you’ll be carrying them home half way through the route. I can verify this statement from personal experience. They’ve learned from their foster fur sister that ice is the best! They hear that ice maker and the whole house erupts into excitement. Ice is the best treat for these two…it keeps them occupied for 5 minutes! I can officially report that no shoe has lost their mate. I thought for sure there would be at least one casualty by now. They love their chew toys. Thank you, Jesus! They aren’t ready to go unsupervised but at least I’ve been able to give them a little freedom here & there. After last night I’m convinced they need to stay together. They were put to bed in separate crates. I heard barking. Lots of barking. When I went to go see what all the protest was about I realized they were not together. Mistake. Huge mistake.

We’ve enjoyed our time but I know these 2 love muffins are ready to find their family. I’m growing attached so they better hurry!