I’m writing to report that I found the most perfect forever home!  

Foster Mom and Dad put me in the car this morning and we drove to this nice house with two other Bulldogs like me. It was love at first sight!  

The two resident Bulldogs showed me around. We sniffed butts and everyone got along. 

My new mama gave me lots of treats, kisses and belly rubs. They showed me around my new palace and told me that I’d be a queen. They even said they wouldn’t get mad if I happened to have a lil’ accident on the floor. I have a beautiful backyard to relax in, lots of toys and a big soft bed.  

I’m one lucky gal and I’m so thankful for good humans in my life. Thanks to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue for helping me find these amazing people!

Hello bulldog friends it’s me Rayne joining rescue today!  I have been sooooo nervous all morning thinking that the pouring rain was going keep the rescue wagon from picking me up so I could leave the shelter.  I sat by the door, and I could barely see the street for the pouring rain. I just kept thinking “Please don’t forget about me, I am so ready to start over with a new life.”   And just like out of a movie my ride arrived, and I jumped right in.  

The rescue lady told me that brindles were her favorite and she already loved me, and she kissed my face.  I was like “Oh my gosh I think we are going to instant friends!”  

I have no idea why I got lost and no one came looking for me. I consider myself a middle age, thick around the middle, lovely lady. I rode all the way with another bulldog that kept trying to “get in my business” because I am in what I hear is “heat.”  One of my side eyes let him know quick I was not going to be his girlfriend, so he just moved over and went to sleep. Good thing he’s a fast learner because I was in no mood to put up this that nonsense. After all I was on my way to rescue, and nothing was going to stop me now.  

I named myself Rayne because in the pouring rain someone rescued me, and it is the best day of my life!

7/20/21 Update:  I arrived at my foster home with my pal Rose Nyland about two weeks ago. It’s been a very nice stay so far.  My foster family lets me sleep all the time and I love it.  I’m getting used to things here. I get along well with kids and other dogs and I’m even improving on my house training.  One thing I don’t do is walk too quickly. There’s nothing wrong with me, I just like to take my good ol’ sweet time.  Foster mom tries to get me to go on walks or field trips with her and I like to move slow. VERY SLOW.  Hey, don’t rush me… I’m just living my best life while waiting for my furever home.

8/9/21 Update:  She is the most relaxed and calm girl.  She is super well-behaved. Rayne is 5 years old and she is very gentle.  Her favorite activities include napping, snoring and eating. You can find her sitting under the dinner table at every meal. Rayne would be a good match for anyone looking for a low energy dog. She is a big sweetheart!

9/5/21 Update:  I am checking in from Chateau de Fairchild. I’ve been getting to know the place. I am just here for a few days while my foster family is away on a short trip. I am just chilling out or I WAS chilling until the lady put this phone in my face for a video. Some people just can’t read the room (garage).

9/21/21 Update:  Rayne is living her best life in foster care. She is spoiled rotten.  She likes to roll around on her back while she wiggles on the floor. Rayne is very well-behaved. She obeys her humans and is always up for some extra lovin’.

10/12/21 Update:  I’m just living my best life here and enjoying this cooler weather. My days consist of napping, snoring, cuddling, eating, more napping and more snoring. That’s right…. I’m pretty lazy and I’m pretty amazing. 

I like sitting on the back patio and soaking up the sun. I don’t have very much energy, so if you’re looking for a low-key companion, I might be your gal.