Love is in the air!

I’m so excited because my day finally arrived! I packed my things and headed down to San Antonio this morning. Nothing better than having my new mom smitten with me before I even show up.  

After I walked into my new home, I explored a little bit and received some treats. I knew this the place meant for me. As I looked at the comfy couch, I heard it calling my name! Napping is my specialty, so I took a quick 15.  

As my foster parents were leaving, they wanted me to walk them to the car. I didn’t fall for that and stayed glued to my furever spot. I love my new mom and will enjoy the one-on-one lovin’.  

Thank you to everyone involved with my rescue. I really appreciate the love and words of encouragement throughout my journey. I will send some updates in the following months.

I retained so much water, my lady parts were huge. No matter what my family did for me I retained water.  After my last baby died, I became so depressed. I just wandered around the house searching.  I had a great mother.  She sat with me and told me she loved me. She didn’t know why my babies all died but she did know when I stopped eating and hardly got out of bed that I needed a change of scenery.  

I still feel sad but Dr. Larsen told me in time my hormones would be back to normal but in the meantime, I could sit in her lap, and she would tell me things would be all right and one day I would feel happy again. I am ready to be happy again.  My name is Reagan, I am 2 years old, I am sad as can be, but a new family might be just what I need to be happy as I can be.

7/12/21 Update:  I have been in my foster home just a few days and I’m loving it. I am thankful for the staff at Bright Star Vet Clinic, but it’s nice to be in a home now.

When I got here, I was so nervous and felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. But then I realized my foster dad loves me to pieces. I think he is great, but he’s teasing me because he keeps calling me, “Shadow.” I can’t help myself. I’m a little scared and he is a big guy that looks like he will protect me. So, I will just stay by his side if he doesn’t mind for awhile.
It’s nice to lounge around on a couch and run free a few times a day in the backyard here. I get along for the most part with other fur things. There is another foster dog here wanting to mess with me, but Foster Dad told her to give me space.
I have no problem eating, but I give Foster Dad a workout trying to crate me to eat.
Well, I’m going to take a nap now and get some rest. If you would like to share my story, so I can get a furever home, that would be fine by me.