Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire

Well guys, my second round of happily ever after has officially started! Last night I packed up my bags at my foster home and became a family member of my new humans that call themselves Aggies!! I love them so much. I gained a new brother that I get to cuddle and play with and I can’t wait!

I already feel at home.

Let me tell you… I am one fabulous Bulldog! There are no sad tales for me. I’ve always had a family and I’ve always been loved. There were a lot of hugs and kisses when I hopped in the rescue wagon on Thursday. 

Both of my parents are in the military and they thought their current duty station would be their final stop before retirement. That’s the reason they got me as a puppy. They never planned on moving again.  

Well, we all know plans can change and what we thought was going to be forever almost changed overnight. 

Duty called and there was no way I wanted to hop on the airplane too. I get sea sick and air sick, and Texas just feels like home.

Surrendering me to rescue was never supposed to happen, but when the decision was made, I told my family there was only one place for me to go: Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. I’ve been seeing the great things they do for all the Bulldogs and I know they will find me a fabulous new family. 

I am 4 years old and I love all dogs and cats. When I sat with Dr. Larsen, she told me I am 100% perfect. I’m ready to find a fabulous family that needs a fabulous Bulldog lady!

9/13/21 Update:  Reba in the house! Her first night with us went great. She slept in her crate as if she’s been with us for months!

Reba is good at:

  • Riding in the car
  • Going on walks
  • Adjusting to her environment FAST
  • Never meeting a stranger
  • Knowing when she did wrong
  • Asking for snuggles
  • Getting along with others

Reba is a sweet, little petite thing and has a big bold personality. Any family would be lucky to have her.