3 months ago Reese came to stay with us. As our first foster, we knew we were giving her a temporary home until she would be adopted.  What we didn’t know was it was more than a temporary home, Reese became a part of our family.  As the days went by after Reese was matched with her forever family we kept telling ourselves “this is so great – this is what we were preparing Reese for,” but thinking deep down “we don’t want her to leave.”   Yesterday Reese woke up a little under the weather and Dr Larsen as always was there for us.  I was so worried that the timing couldn’t have been any worst….until….Sam and I talked, I explained what was going on and he responded “no worries, I understand, we are ready for her.”   Hearing these simple words instilled that Reese truly found her forever family.  As we talked through Reese’s maintenance regimen and her sensitive tummy, it was nothing Sam and Christina didn’t conquer with their Lab Bevo.  At that point, I never felt so certain that there is perfect and Reese found her perfect family.  I’m not crying…you’re crying, but the tears were filled with happy tears as Reese headed to the car, ready to jump in, and onto her forever home.  We love you Reese and the Strains!

I am a mess, but don’t feel sorry for me. Now I am free! I am not sure what all happened, but this nice lady found me wondering along the highway. She took me to the vet to be checked out and tried to find my family, but had no luck. So today, I hit the Bulldog jackpot and joined rescue.

I have a small growth on the inside of my mouth that bothers me some, but the biggest problem is my broken lower jaw. This makes one of my bottom teeth stick straight out. Dr. Larsen assured me everything would be alright and she will get it all fixed.

I really can’t tell you much else about me right now. When everything settles down and gets back to normal, my foster parent will give you a full report. If you are looking for a younger gal, stay tuned. We just might be a match.

We found out that Reese tested positive for heart worms and will undergo treatment in a month.

7/10/19 Update:  Foster girl Reese continues to improve following the partial amputation of her lower jaw. To look at her, you would never know she had surgery. Tomorrow, she will have a follow-up surgery to clean things up a bit more and make sure, now that the swelling is gone, the remaining teeth are not rubbing on her gums or causing more problems.

7/27/19 Update:  Reese has been in her foster home for five days and every day, this little girl shows us more of her sweet factor! Reese loves to be part of the “family” activities (the tiny human thinks she needs to be read to as she falls asleep😉). Reese knows basic commands and her leash walking is on point. We are taking it easy, getting ready for her heartworm treatment. Until then, we will perfect “beauty sleep.”

8/12/19 Update:  Summer lovin’ having a blast. Summer lovin’ I fall asleep so fast 😉. Tell me more, tell me more: Reese is getting more and more comfortable in her foster home each day. So far, Reese has shown us that she is good with other dogs that are older, and a cat too. Reese and the resident Bulldog (a puppy) are still learning each other – the wild-with-energy puppy and Reese’s laid back calm personality are figuring each other out and every day they both show progress.

8/19/19 Update:  It’s safe to say that Reese is great with kids. The tiny human and Reese have formed an amazing friendship, or maybe it’s the food pieces dropped from the dinner table that end up in Reese”s mouth.

9/21/19 Update:  It’s the final countdown! I’m winding down the last days of my heartworm treatment rest. The tiny human keeps telling me she can’t wait to go on a walk with me. I can’t wait either!

I’ve been studying up on this emoji speak, as I’ve been laying low. Here’s my first official go: The tiny human says I’m a sweet 🐶. She ❤️ me, gives me lots of 😘 and I know enough not to 💩 on her bed. How’d I do? 😉 Reese

9/30/19 Update:  I’m coming out! I want the world to know, I’m off medical hold 🎼 Yep, your ears heard it right… I’m off my heartworm treatment rest! What does that mean? I’m ready, and my first action is to get the wiggles out. Are you ready?