Something amazing happened yesterday: I met my new dad, Brett, and new brother, Porky! You see, Brett and Porky know how to deal with a diva who has special needs, so they don’t mind that I’m deaf! They’ve adopted from our rescue before. London was blind, but she is in heaven now and my new family needed me to make them complete. Thank you to everyone in the rescue for helping me find my new home.

It was a super sad day for my mom, but she knew in her heart that I needed more than she could give me at this time.  

My mom’s life took a major change and what she thought was going to be a “happily ever after,” ended in heartbreak. She and I packed our backpacks and we were long gone.  

Being gone meant my mom was working a lot more, and even traveling, so that meant I was going to boarding more and  left alone a lot during the day. It just did not work well for me. I like to think of myself as a social butterfly and there really was no one for me to socialize with.

I’m a special girl because I am deaf. You heard that right I can’t hear a thing. However, my vision is 20/20 and I can see a piece of cheese being unwrapped a mile away. 

My perfect life will be with a buddy. It will good for him to be my ears, so I am not just sitting in a room, looking around when someone comes home. I will see my buddy take off running and I will run too! And I can run like the wind.  

At one time, I knew sign language, but I need a refresher course. I’ve forgotten all I learned. 

I would like you to know that there’s never been a sweeter, nicer, friendlier Bulldog than myself. I just love everyone and everything. 

I need to visit with Dr. Larsen for a once over and to sit in her lap so she can tell me how beautiful I am. And I am beautiful! I weigh 44 lbs., I’m 3 years old and as far as I’m concerned, I’m a package of Bulldog perfection! 

2/24/22 Update:  Hello everyone, Remy here I am doing very well! This week my foster sister Sugar came back to the house. Her furever home didn’t work out. We were not to sure about each other at 1st but foster mom gave us a talking to and we listened. Well Sugar did I’m deaf FM had to look me straight in the face and and use sign language for me so I got the msg.  Now we run and play together. Everyone have a great week! Love Remy and Sugar!

3/7/22 Update:  My gosh, what a great week I had! I spent a lot of time outside with Foster Mom. She was busy cleaning up the yard and porch. I loved it and sat right up on the chair and watched her. Of course, then I needed a nap after all her activity!! She told me to watch for the Easter bunny soon because he may know my forever family!