Rex has been ADOPTED!!! (3/12/16)  This adorable family is going home with the best guy in the history of ever. Rex will get to romp around with his new brothers on their land with acreage & forest. Can’t wait to see what your future holds, buddy!

Welcome our newest boy, Rex! he was raised around small kids and did well around them. Stayed tuned for information about this 4 yr. old boy as we all get to know him better.

2/21/16 Update:  I want to keep changing Rex’s name to Simba because he reminds me of a lion. His head is HUGE! But, that’s where the similarities end. Rex is so happy & friendly. He just trots along with the family, like he has belonged here the whole time. He doesn’t let his size get in the way because he definitely minds his manners by not jumping and he stays off the furniture. We made a pallet on the floor next to our bed and he loves snuggling up for bed time and waits patiently until it’s time to wake up and start our day. I have not found 1 accident since he’s been here. Sometimes it takes a few days for the foster to get adjusted to bathroom routine, but not this lion. I mean Bully.

Rex had entropion surgery, so his eyes look a little goopy while they heal. Besides that, he’s a healthy & young guy who will need an active family. He loves to go, go, go. Rex does great on a leash and will take any opportunity he can to go for a walk. In the 2 days I’ve had Rex, he has adjusted beautifully. He will be the best addition to any family with dogs and/or kiddos!

2/28/16 Update:  Rex went to Dr. Whitworth on Monday and will be picked back up tomorrow. He decided he didn’t like his entropion surgery stitches and needed to rub them out. So, the only thing he accomplished here was getting put on lock-down until his eyes heal up.

3/8/16 Update:  I was FINALLY able to pick Rex up from the vet on Tuesday. His eyes look great. We had another fantastic week. No issues here. He is just one laid back cool dude. Rex had a very busy weekend. On Friday, he got to go hang out with foster dad at work. He was a big hit. On Saturday, Rex took a road trip so he could strut his stuff at our event at Hollywood Feed in Mansfield. And on Sunday, he had a sweet family come and meet him after they saw him at the event. Rex would like a weekend to recover from his weekend!