Foster Mom says I have a very special reason to be thankful this year! I’ve been adopted and now I get to live with that cool boy and family I met last weekend. Foster Mom says she is going to miss me because I am a super sweet, wonderful boy, but she couldn’t be happier for me. Boy, I hope my new family likes to play ball. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 

I joined rescue today and it was a sad day for my mom and me. I never planned on leaving my home. When I first met my mom, it was the best day of my life. I previously had been living with a family member and they were not very nice to me. When I had the chance to leave, I was out of there! 

My new mom loved me and was so good to me. I had new everything: toys, treats, beds, blankets. I also had a fur friend who played with me. He was actually my mom’s certified service dog and he was one cool dude. All my lonely days were over.

Then it happened…. Guess who did NOT like me? The apartment managers where we lived. They told my mom I had to go. What? Me? I never did anything wrong. But, in the end, they still made me leave. Such a sad day indeed when I told my fur brother I was moving on. So, here I am, Ryeno (pronounced like “Rhino”) in rescue. 

My mom wrote down some things about me to pass along to my new family:

1. I love to play with other dogs.

2. I love to walk in cool weather.

3. I love any kind of toy. I can entertain myself for hours.

4. I love to play in water.

5. I will sneeze in your face on purpose if you get close to my face.

6. I can be trusted to be left loose in the house. 

7. I don’t tear up stuff. 

8. I am crate trained.

9. I am potty trained.

10. All I ever wanted was to be loved.

Soon, I will head to sit with Dr. Larsen and tell her all my troubles. I know I need my eyes fixed. My lashes roll in and my eyes water a lot. I also need to be neutered. Both of those things had been scheduled when the apartment managers told my mom I had to go. Leaving my mom was never my idea, but things happen and life changes sometimes. I need my next family to be my last family because this packing up and moving is just not for me.

10/28/21 Update:  What a week! My foster mom and dad say I’m a true angel and such a great dog. There are about 10 different balls here and I can’t decide which one is my favorite!  

My foster mom is prettying me up because I am meeting a family this weekend. I have a possible new fur sister to live with! I hope they have some balls I can chew. 

11/1/21 Update:  Foster Mom was busy today. She was cleaning everything, but I wanted to play ball! I had to  supervise and wait for my turn for her attention.

11/18/21 Update:  Foster Mom says I’m really under foot today. But I can’t help it. She is making chicken and dumplings. My foster brother told me she needs lots of help because it she drops a piece of chicken on the floor, it is my job to rescue it! No 5-second rule here.