Rocco has been adopted! From his furever momma: Rocco visited his new vet this week and cleared the room (with this Bulldog gas)! Good exam, healthy heart. Slight vision issue with right eye. Well behaved on the table. Forever home is settling into routine, up and outside to potty when mom and dad come home from work. Run the fence with sister, eat, snooze and continue basking in the love of his humans.

Rocco seems to be just a big pup, and he acts like it too! He weighs only 40 pounds and appears to be only around a year old. He was found by a good samaritan wandering the streets. She took him home and cleaned him up. When she could not find the owner, she contacted us. She already has 2 bullies at home and did not have room for one more. He has one cherry eye and his skin is a mess. He will get a complete check up and fixed up at the vet and be ready for a foster and forever home very soon. He loves to snuggle and lick and be loved! I think we can handle that!

8/28/16 Update:  We have been so blessed to have Rocco in our home.  Rocco is amazing, playful and has a great soul.  He is great with our two Bullies. He loves watching over them when they’re outside and loves playing tag.  We are working on his potty training, but are hopeful we can get there.  We have discovered he doesn’t like being in a room by himself. He loves to be with his family! The medicated baths are helping his skin improve.

9/19/16 Update:  Rocco is on his last day of meds!!! He has been such a trooper since the meds have slowed  him down some. He loves to run around outside and play tag.  His coat is looking 100% better now.  All of his skin has healed and the coat is finally coming back.  Eating isn’t  a problem and water stays in the bowl!  Being a couch buddy is for him.

10/1/16 Update:  Hi, I’m Rocco! I have done so well adapting to being out of my kennel during the day. I did have a brain fart and started chewing on my new bed. LOL Silly me, I quickly stopped. Now I get to be more social with the ladies. I enjoy watching TV, but prefer the Animal Planet. I only had one accident this week, so I would say I’m doing good. I am looking for a forever home and dream about my new family all the time. I love stretching my legs outside and being a goof. Well, off to take a nap!

10/9/16 Update:  Hi! “I’m Rocco” I have had an awesome week.  This week has consisted of me playing with my roommates Layla and Sticky.  We all love playing tag and wrestling.  It’s funny when I get the upper hand on Sticky.  Her sister Layla jumps in and puts me in my place.  Other than than I like lying on beds, couches, laps.

10/23/16 Update:  Rocco has had an eventful week. He had a vet visit and is now taking it easy. He has a great spirit about him. He loves to be a cuddle buddy. Also, if there is any reason for him to take a bath, he is all paws! Water seems to be his best friend. He is getting spoiled this week with plenty of affection from his roommates.

11/13/16 Update:  Rocco has had a great week. He was so curious when my wife was putting up all the Christmas decorations.  I was surprised he hasn’t messed with any presents or stuffed animals we have under the tree already.  He has been chilling at my side watching football today.  I learned today he loves Nilla Waffers.  I think the colder weather is his best friend; since it allows him to run crazy outside longer.  All of his paws are healed and he is ready for his furever home.  Hopefully he can be the something some family is thankful for this year.

11/18/16 Update:  Hello,  I am just checking in today.  I have had plenty of excitement this week.  My Pops took in two more Bullies and they are pretty.  It’s hard to give all my attention with 4 other girls in this home right now.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind being the only man, but its kinda stressful.  I am playing hard to get and have been chilling just watching for the most part.  Lilly loves to play tag outside with me.  So, for right now don’t tell anyone that she is my favorite.  She lays against the baseboards with me.  I haven’t quite figured out why my Mom and Pops put trees in the house.  Wierd Hoomans and the things they do. Crazy that one of them spins so I keep sniffing the bottom, but it seems to get me dizzy.  Anyways I get to take my bath today so talk to you later.

P.S.  If anyone can share my story so I can get a family this Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I would like that a lot.  Really would enjoy a Hooman brother and sister too.  -Rocco

12/19/16 Update:  I am super happy this week! My foster pops has been home a little more and I love all the attention. I enjoy playing outside, even though the weather is cooler. There have been plenty of new faces this week that I’ve met. I enjoy being around other fur babies. So happy that I haven’t had any health issues. Don’t get me wrong ~ I love car rides ~ but I’m just not excited when it has to end with a vet visit. Falling asleep on you isn’t a problem ~ just pet my belly. Well, I’m off to go get a treat. I will see you later.