Rocky has been adopted and his forever family is a perfect fit! They came from Austin to meet him and take him home to a his fur sister Pudgie who was so excited to have him! I received an update last night and Rocky was worn out and sleeping soundly in his new bed with Pudgie watching over him! So excited for his new life and all the love adventures ahead!

Rocky turns a very young 7 on December 31. He acts much younger than his age. He is an owner surrender due to several changes in the family over the last few months. We were glad to help them out in finding a great home for their Bulldog. He has a double ear infection and is receiving medicine for that, and he will need to be neutered after the holidays. He spent the night at a foster’s house and was very sweet and did great with their dogs and puppy.

1/2/17 Update:  Rocky is not feeling so hot ~ he either has a cold or kennel cough, so he’ll be visiting the vet. He’s very sweet, laid back and seems to be great with other dogs.

1/8/17 Update:  No Bulldog is sweeter than Rocky! Rocky is 7 years old, but a very young 7. He plays, runs, has fun, and is smart enough to not mess with the ladies. In fact, he will go the opposite direction to keep away from them. Rocky will be neutered on Thursday and he will fit in well with any family!

1/15/17 Update: I picked up Rocky this week, after he was neutered. I’m still getting to know him, but he is a sweetheart so far. He loves people and, like our other foster girl Zoey, he thinks all people are her people – so we alternate quiet times for these two. Rocky has a lot of energy and I take him on long walks. He is great on a leash and is crate trained, as well.