Rollie Pollie

Rollie Pollie

Earlier this week I met the nicest couple who was looking for an adora-bull dog like me. Then today they came to whisk me away to my forever home. I gave a few final hugs and kisses to my foster family then wiggled out the door!

With a name like Rollie Pollie, I bet you’re wondering if I am a gal or a dude. Well, I am a gal! 

I was born a little butter ball and I continued to stay round. That’s OK because round is a shape, and I’m a small little lady. 

There are no sad stories for me. I am just changing addresses, from one sofa to another sofa.

I tried my hand at being a mother and in December, I had four babies. Motherhood was not in my future, as none of my babies made it. I was super sad and right then and there, I decided I’m not going through that heartbreak again. I am closing shop!

There were a lot of hugs and tears when I jumped up in the rescue wagon, but I had made up mind. All I could think of was Valentine’s Day was coming up and I look fabulous in red. I may not be ready for a family by Monday, but I did stop at the store and picked out a new harness and leash and they are red. 

So, whenever I’m ready to find my forever family, I will be wearing red, and I will be simply beautiful!

2/24/22 Update:  She’s been very shy, but is so, so sweet. After exploring the yard for what seemed like an eternity, I had to encourage her to stay inside where it’s warm. 

She came inside then picked out a crate and settled in. She loved the warm blankets so much, we had to use a leash to convince her to come out today. 

She has been great with our children and dogs and is beginning to enjoy some cuddles on the couch. 

We can’t wait until this sweetie pie settles in and gets comfortable.

2/28/22 Update:  Rollie Pollie took a little while to want to venture out of her crate on her own, but now she is so happy to cuddle on the couch. She loves to be wherever the people are and she’ll raise her paw when she wants your attention.