Sweet dreams do come true. ROLO has been adopted.

Even as Rolo was on medical hold there was an amazing family waiting for Rolo to be theirs. They waited patiently as Rolo went through his 2nd eye surgery .

Rolo finally got the happy two thumbs up from Dr Larsen and just like that he was ready to be with his forever family.

Even though Rolo still needed a little more time to recover from his surgery his forever family was ready to take him home. To care for him and to love him. I know that a strong bond will be made during his recovery.

I am so over the moon for Rolo and his family.

Rolo might have been with me for a very brief time but he will always hold a very special place in my heart and home.

I am certainly glad I found rescue. Or, rescue found me.

I ended on Facebook with a woman pleading for someone to come get me. Anyone. The woman wanted me gone ASAP. You see, I had been given to the woman and I think she was scared of me because of my eyes and my vision issues. I can’t see anything. I never tried to hurt her kittens, but I could not see them and I would step on them.  

When the rescue wagon came for me, the volunteers were so nice.  They lifted me up and promised me that I would have eye surgery and one day, I would be able to see again. 

Years of neglect have certainly taken a toll on my vision. And on my fur. I am missing some fur on my back legs and some here and there. 

After I got picked up, the rescue wagon had a flat on the highway and we ended up at a tire store. The woman at the tire store was so nice to me. She could tell I had been neglected for a long time. She said she was going to be watching for me on Facebook and that she was excited to see me again after my eye surgery. She told me I’ll look amazing. I hope she is right. I haven’t felt amazing since I was a little puppy when someone wanted me.  

Getting passed around from here to there is no way to live. And not getting to see a vet simply sucks. But, today is a brand new day and today starts a brand new life for me. Moving forward, my next family is going to be my forever family. You just wait and see.

11/18/21 Update:   I was treated for heartworm and now I’m living in my foster home. Thanks to rescue and Dr. Larsen, I’m headed to a new life, and I know my next family will take good care of me.  

I’m starting to get used to things here. My foster parents keep telling me I have to rest for 30 days after my heartworm treatment, so I have to keep things low key. No running or rough play for me. Just lots of crate time and a calm environment so I can heal.  That’s OK though because my foster family has lots of chew toys and treats to keep me busy.  

I’m calm, sweet and I LOVE attention. I have chronic eye problems that I’m being treated for, and my ear infections are healing nicely. Phew! Thank goodness someone finally helped me take care of these things.

11/21/21 Update:  I hope you are enjoying this lovely weather…I sure am! I’m still recovering from my heartworm treatment so I gotta stay chill for another couple of weeks. And my dog gone cherry eyes came back so once I recover from my treatment I will get those all fixed up. Here are some pics of me for you to swoon over in the meantime.

12/13/21 Update:  His eye surgery went well this week.  They repaired his cherry eyes (for the second time) and then also made some adjustments to his upper eye lids that were rubbing against his corneas.

His cherry eye repair is being kind of tricky. We are working hard to keep the sutures intact and not let them come undone….again.  

Other than being mad that he has to wear a cone collar around his neck, he’s doing good!  His eyes are feeling rather miserable right now, but we see improvement each day.  He’s also on some good pain meds to help. He is a trooper! He just wants to be loved on and have someone to scratch his butt.  

We also have good news brewing for sweet Rolo.  He is meeting a potential family next weekend.