Roman has been adopted! Name change “Romey “ He greeted his new Pops  with a loud barking welcome. Romey has found his family which includes a Dad & Mom along with his Jack Russell fur sister Fergie. He will now reside in the seventh most popular city in Texas amongst some of the oldest Pecan trees. Foster mom got a few gentle kisses good bye as she held the tears tears before he proudly walked towards the front seat of his new wheels. He did promise that he would see us again at events and keep in touch.  We will for sure miss this little bundle,  so happy he has found a family to give him so much more unconditional love.

Welcome one-year-old Roman to rescue!  He was found roaming the streets of the big city. No one knows how long he had been there. He looks in good health, but is thin and has a cherry eye. The good samaritan who found him took him to a local vet to check for a microchip. And sure enough, he had a microchip—except the chip was never registered in the owner’s name.  A dead end!

So after making an effort to find the right owner, we were contacted to see if we would take him into rescue. Another good samaritan transported him to us. Roman is just a big puppy full of endless energy and in need of some training. He loves people and so far has liked every dog he has been around. He is off to the clinic for a physical, shots, neuter and cherry eye surgery. He will then be ready for some training with his foster and off to his forever home.

3/11/18 Update:  Foster boy Roman visited Home Depot and was a terrific, well-behaved ambassador for our breed! His foster momma writes: Met three special people today and handed out my business card to each of them. They all had an important question: “How does the process work?” Question #2: “How do I donate?“ Question #3: “Do you have older dogs?”

Well, foster mom chatted a bit & asked them all to please check out our website and like our Facebook page. Share our page on your pages too! You can help raise awareness of our program and help us find more adopters and foster parents.

3/20/18 Update:  Roman here all settled in the B & B hanging with 4 older bullies and getting along very well. I’ve gotten the older ones to play a game or two but when they have had enough & put me in my place, I am just as happy to go play on my own. I sometime feel the need for a nap and find one of the many beds around or take a snooze in my crate. I sleep in my crate at night with no hesitation at bed time and no crying or accident through the night. I stand by the door or go out the dog door to go potty. Foster mom would say I’m 99.9 % potty trained but I need to hold the dribbles of excitement back. Hey I’m a puppy and just learning the ropes. I can sit & shake a paw. I know what “No” means. I’ve been told I am a very good puppy with ample energy for a fur sibling that likes to play. I’m sure I would do well without as I am quite independent as well. When I run I am fast and love to chase the ball or just go in circles. I haven’t had a chance to meet little people yet but I sure love the big people and my fur siblings.  Here are just a few of my favorite things: Toys, my crate, a shower, a walk, a car ride, a cuddle with a belly rub. I can amuse myself by playing with my toys or chasing my shadow, or playing catch with you.  I sometime bark at my reflection in the window and love to watch the squirrels. I’ve been told I am a curious well behaved pup. Except I enjoy chasing cats so if you have a cat I’m probably not the one for you. Oh my cherry eye surgery is coming along very well getting whiter everyday and I’m doing well with my eye medication. 

3/27/18 Update:  Vacationing at the B & B having so much fun. But there is no place like home. If you are looking for a special boy that’s me! Let me tell you a few things about me, I am smart, very handsome, a good boy, gentle, I listen well, house & crate trained, very smart, well mannered,  I can sit, shake, and walk on a leash like I’m in the show ring. I don’t make a mess when I eat and I don’t make a fuss when it’s time for my eye medication. “Thank you Dr for fixing up my Cherry Eye.” I do however love to bob for ice in my water, so I splash a little. I love my crate and go in and out during the day for a nap. I’m still just a baby so naps are in order for me. I enjoy my naps and know when I need them. At bed time I’m told go to my room, I go to my crate, I get tucked in and don’t make a peep. I sleep straight through the night without getting up to potty. I love to play with balls and throw my toys around, I’m fast and like to run but don’t be scared I can be calm and relax when told as I listen very well. I got a little bored one day and fancied a shoe but I know now that was not a good idea. I have an abundance of energy ready for an active family or just a soul mate to share my life with. I am good with children and very gentle. Cats, well saw one last weekend and thought I’d like to play chase but the cat wasn’t interested. I do love to cuddle, enjoy a good belly rub, or just a snuggle on your lap. I bark at my reflection in the mirror or the window, I try really hard to play with my shadow but I just can’t catch it. Last night foster mom called me Storm Chaser, I’m not scared of storms, I am curious about everything I just don’t like brooms and I am not friends with a hair dryer but I love to shower and am not afraid of the rain. I’m enjoying my time here with all my foster sisters & brothers the toys, the love I’m getting form Foster Mom & Papa but I am in need of my own place. Id love to hear from you if I’m not for you well hey I have lots of friends all ages, who need a family as well.