Lola Jo and Romo have been adopted!  Mom and son have been adopted… together! It was love at first sight for their new mom and she just had to have them. So today was the day these two joined their new LARGE family! Not only do they have a new momma, but they also have several new siblings. Can you guess who they are? Former foster dogs Badger, Gertie Lynn and Bella. How cool is that? Dreams do come true! We love you, Lola Jo and Romo!

Please welcome Lola Jo and Romo to our rescue family! Lola Jo writes: My son, Romo, and I joined rescue today. We have lived for several years with the same family and we all loved each other so much. But Romo has been having some health problems with his skin and intestines. And now I’ve started having some of the same problems. We have been to the doctor more than I care to admit. And the doctor wanted to do more tests!

Our family was struggling to pay for everything, so I gathered up Romo, we joined rescue and headed to see Dr. Larsen. She will check us out head-to-toe, figure out what is going on, and get us all fixed up and healthy again. We have both lost sections of our fur, especially Romo. We are not sure if it is just allergies or something else.

We all cried a lot when we left our family. But they knew and we knew, something had to change. They wanted us to get to the bottom of what is going on. We will always love them, but we are looking forward. We will get healthy and we will find another family for the second half of our lives. We really hope we can stay together, wherever we go. A momma has to take care of her boy, no matter how old we get.

Romo is 7 years old and weighs 65 pounds. At one time, he weighed 80! He has lost more and more fur on his sides and has also had some gastrointestinal issues. We will run some additional tests and get to the bottom of his problems. He is stuck like glue to his momma! And yes, he was named after the quarterback. Anyone have a jersey they want to donate for him?

6/17/19 Update:  These two are the sweetest mom and son duo. Every now and then, I will catch Romo giving his momma lots of kisses. It’s so cute. He’s definitely a momma’s boy! Lola is still being treated for her eye infection and Romo has been having diarrhea issues, but seems to be getting better, thanks to the new meds Dr. Larsen prescribed. Mom and son are gentle, sweet and EXTREMELY lazy. Perfect for a kick-backed family. These two will be at the Bulldogs and BBQ event on Saturday in Richardson, so please come see them!

6/28/19 Update:  Why should you adopt us? Well, we’re both adorable, give great kisses and having amazing personalities. We’re calm, quite lazy and can be a little stubborn at times. We’re lovers, not fighters. We make our wrinkles look good! We sleep all day and snore a lot. Our underbites are the cutest! Last but not least…. the adorable tongues! We can easily become part of your family and will love you unconditionally. Adopting both of us will be the best thing to ever happen to your family and us. I hope you will consider applying. You may get matched to us! Love, Lola Jo and Romo