Rose Nylund

Rose Nylund

Rose Nyland was adopted today! She has a new fur brother, who she gets along with well. Her new family loves her to pieces.  Congratulations, Rose!

Rose Nyland here! I am the last but not least to hop on the rescue wagon. I did the happy dance when it was my turn to get on board. Nothing shy about me.  I can walk on a leash; I can even run.  And I do like to run. I stood up all the way on Sunday and watched my other life disappear as I was ready to start all over.  

I am in heat now and even though Dr. Larsen didn’t really want to hold me in her lap I climbed up there anyway.  That’s just how I roll. I have a hernia from my last C-section that Dr Larsen told me she would be removing and a few other things she had planned for me.  It all sounded great, and I am super excited about finding me a couch to come home to. I am 4 years old, sweet as can be and I love all the other bulldogs at my last home.  So, let my new life begin because I am ready to roll!

7/20/21 Update:  After my stay at the vet clinic, they let me come live at this new house with a foster family. It’s pretty sweet here! 

I’ve been spayed, so I can no longer have puppies. That’s a good thing because now it’s all about ME. 

I’m a little frightened and scared in my new environment. My foster family is being very patient with me and allowing me to slowly get used to this new life. I like to hide in my crate and at meal time, I eat so fast you’d think I had never eaten before.  

There’s another foster Bulldog here named Rayne. Foster Mom says that Rayne “tolerates” me… whatever that means.  

I’m the sweetest thing and I love belly rubs!