Rosey has been adopted!  For Jerod and Mirtha, Bulldog lovers from “way back when,” this was a Bulldog match made in heaven. I could not get Mirtha off of the floor and to stop hugging Rosey! Rosey sat there and loved it. She looked forward to getting to Austin to have grilled chicken and salmon added to her dog food and go to the place that paints dog toe nails. Next time you see Rosey, she’ll have hot pink toe nails. Be prepared for Rosey to be all over Austin, doing all kinds of exciting things with her new family. Rosey is part of the family now and will be doing all family-related things. Much happiness, Rosey, Jerod and Mirtha. Have fun with the new addition and thank you for choosing rescue!

Welcome Miss Rosey to rescue. She’s had a few bumps in the road of life, but she is just where she needs to be now! Stay tuned for more information on this sweetie.

5/27/18 Update:  I have BIG news! In SHORT ORDER, I will be ready to be your newly adopted fur baby. Meanwhile, I am learning how to love and be loved, enjoying safety, security, nutrition, and other care. Ah, it feels good. I am a happy girl.

I am staying at a foster home with three other Bulldogs, with whom I shared my secret prayer. Psst, I harbor high hopes of being adopted soon! That makes me an optimist, or is it an optometrist? I am considering changing my name to Rosey Posey because I am as sweet as a bouquet of flowers. I am one of those sweet and ideal adoption candidates who won’t stay long in rescue. That means you should get a move on and beat the competition.

My foster parents treated me to a spa day. The staff loved me. I rolled over and gave them my paws for the mani/pedi treatment. I can do “Gimmee paw,” and “High five.” OK, so it is more of a low five, but you get the idea. Talent and beauty besides personality make me especially attractive! I am an absolute sweetheart. Foster dad says that Jackson Browne wrote a song about me. It is tough to play on the piano with all those black notes (sharps and flats), and melancholy minor chords. That is odd, because I have a bright, happy, and sunny outlook on life. No matter, my paws do not have enough reach for five keys, let alone the 9 to 13 stretch for some chords.

Have you heard the kids’ song, Ring Around the Rosie? Yup, that is also about me. In the good looks department, I score high. I am working on my summer bod, but might just skip the beach and start my diet later. I am crate trained and my vet says that I am good with kids. If yours are out of school, I am available to help you with them this summer and furever. With my temperament, looks and charms, ”I’m just a love machine,” so “Come see about me.” “I’ll be right here waiting for you.” Love, Rosey Posey

6/3/18 Update:  Howdy-do to all you Bullie fans. I am settling in here at the Bullie ranch.  I have three other fur sisters and we are all getting along just fine.

I will be here this week so book your appointment.  Foster dad is away next week so I am headed to a vacation home for a sojourn.  My foster parents want me back so I will available for adoption starting on Father’s Day. What are you giving your Dad?  How about the gift of fur baby?