Update 8-12-09

Rosie has continued to improve after the stricture surgery and today she had her spay, eye surgeries and tail surgery. We are anticipating a complete recovery for this little angel. If you are interested in adopting Rosie we feel we can start taking applications at this time.

Update 08-02-09

Rosie is still doing good, it has been 3 days now with a clean crate when she gets up in the morning.

Rosie is a happy little girl that has been dealt a miserable hand in life but you couldn’t tell by how happy she is.  Rosie came to Lone Star Bulldog Club’s Rescue from another rescue group that felt it would be best for her to go to a breed specific group.  She had so many medical conditions that were best handled by someone with lots of experience with the breed. When we picked Rosie up she was fecal incontinent.  She had uncontrollable diarrhea that was worse when she slept.  Rosie had horrible cherry eyes in both eyes and a tail that was growing into her tiny little bum.  She was only about 30 pounds and had been living outside.  Rosie was immediately taken to Dr. Whitworth who promptly fell in love with her.  He determined that Rosie had a belly full of all kinds of worms and a stricture on her colon, hence the diarrhea.  It had been reported to us that Rosie had a prolapsed rectum as a puppy that was repaired.  This stricture was probably the result of the prolapsed rectum repair.  Without surgery to fix this problem Rosie would not be adoptable.  With Dr. Whitworth’s determination he was able to find the stricture and repair it.  Rosie is now undergoing at least 2 weeks of recovery for this procedure to see if this takes care of the fecal incontinence.  Her foster mom is very happy to report that it appears to be working.  She is getting better each day and we are hoping for a full recovery.  If Rosie recovers from this we will then have her eyes repaired, spayed and her tail removed.  She will be brought up to date on her vaccinations and will be on heartworm preventative.  This little bully has had nothing but a life of misery for her 2 to 3 years and there is no guarantee that she will recover completely.  We will continue to post updates on her progress on the website.  If you are interested in making a contribution to her care please go to our Donate Tab and follow the instructions. As soon as we are given the thumbs up from the vet we will officially list her as adoptable but if you would like to put your application in now feel free.