Sam Elliot

Sam Elliot

I had some exciting last few days. It all started with a spa day, then I got to wear some “jammies,” so I wouldn’t get cold. 

Then Foster Mom and my sis took me for a ride to meet some nice people. They let me explore their house and yard, and I could tell they were “dog people.” They gave me yummy treats, scratched my belly and gave me hugs. I even got to jump on the couch. They finally figured out I jumped on the couch to get to the treats! I had such a nice visit. 

When we left, Foster Mom told me they wanted to be my parents! I was so happy they liked me. But, I mean, who could have resisted “Sammy in jammies?” 

Foster Mom and I gathered up my toys,  packed some food, some treats and even my meatballs.  

The next day was move-in day. My parents had a big bed ready for me and a Crockpot full of fresh food cooking. It smelled so good! They also told me that more things are on the way. 

I am so lucky ~ both of my parents work from home and mom even has a couch in her office that I can lounge on and look out the window. She even has a TV just for me! 

We are going to have many new adventures and I will keep in touch. You may even see me at some of the upcoming rescue events. 

Thank you to everyone in rescue for saving me! 

Sam had a mother that was known to be a hoarder. And her favorite thing to hoard was puppies. Animal control had been to her house because of the number of puppies she had collected. In November she was supposed to take Sam to the animal shelter so he could join rescue. Sam’s mother never showed up with him because she decided to let a “family friend” take him and keep him safe for her.  

So here is Sam today after he was taken back to his mother.  Starved to death, urine stained fur and feces caked between his toes.  And a prolapsed penis.

Sam is not sure why he was treated this way. What had he done to deserve this?  After all he was only 11 months old and he was supposed to be loved forever. This will be the last bulldog joining rescue in 2021 and for sure he will be one that I will remember the most.

1/3/22 Update:  I went with Dianne to the vet and Sammy weighed in at 23 lbs. 

I held on to Sammy while the vet worked on his prolapsed penis. Thankfully, the doctor was successful and managed to push it back in without having to “snip” the sheath. Sammy was thankful too! He also received a steroid shot to help with the swelling. He has peed several times and does not seem to be in any pain. 

Sammy is resting comfortably after eating two bowls of chicken and rice (and foster girl Sassy May volunteered to taste test it for him). 

I will start adding FortiFlora to his food and will make some “Satin Balls” to help him gain some much-needed weight.  

He is the sweetest pup and has given me several kisses and hugs! 

Sammy says thank you for allowing us to save him.

1/7/22 Update:  I went to see Dr. Larsen on Monday and everyone at the vet clinic loves me. 

I got a few pokes (they called them “shots”), my nails trimmed, ears cleaned and some blood sucked out of me. 

Doc said I “need a lot of groceries” because I need to gain some weight. Doc also said she will see me again on January 20, so she can harvest my peaches! Not sure if I am going to like that, but I’m game.  

Now for the kicker… I have gained 3.8 lbs since joining rescue. I told Foster Mom to keep feeding me those meatballs, three meals a day and bring on the unlimited treats!  

I have been playing with some of the dogs at my foster home and they seem ginormous to me. Pearl, a Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumna, got me to run and jump in the yard and then I just rolled around in the grass.  

Dr. Larsen called Foster Mom and told her I have giardia and hookworms, but thankfully, I’m heartworm negative. I will continue my supplements, medicine, food and lots of playing.  

Thank you to everyone for helping me!

1/25/22 Update:   I’ve been chilling at my foster home and driving the resident Bulldogs and Scottie a little crazy!

You see, I have been wearing a “cone” because I hurt my pads on my foot and I just can’t stop licking them. The other dogs don’t like when I run up to them, get in front of them, go behind them or go anywhere else with this cone. It works pretty well to corner them, so they are forced to play with me, though.

I have been feeling a lot better and love to run and jump. I am a little clumsy, but I am all puppy! It feels so good to have a full belly and energy to play.

I had my visit with Dr. Larsen on Thursday and guess what? I gained another 7.4 lbs.

2/5/22 Update:  My foster sister Hope wanted to wrestle yesterday. Well, it didn’t take long before Foster Momma stopped that. Hope has breathing issues, so Foster Momma said it was time for a break. During our snow day, I decided I would keep busy inside. I found a new toy. It’s see-thru and had some liquid stuff in it. I threw that stuff out, and now it’s my favorite!

2/22/22 Update:  I saw Dr. Larsen last week for my third and last booster shot. I weighed in at 39.4 lbs. That means I’ve gained 16.4 lbs in six weeks.  Foster Mom stills feeds me meatballs and I get lots of food. 

Foster Mom also removed my stitches from the “harvesting” on Feb 3. Doc says I’ve healed up nicely and I am ready for my furever home. 

If you’re looking for a playful, gentle, sweet, cuddly Bulldog, I may be the dude.