Sammi was surrendered into rescue and is approximately 5 years old. She is a voluptuous 80+ pounds. She has a bit of arthritis and limps a bit, but otherwise is in excellent health. She is the easiest bulldog I have taken care of.

For the most part, she gets along great with my other 4 dogs (2 bullies, 2 labs), however she has had a few fights. She tends to be the “fun police” and growls when the others are playing. She doesn’t like it when they are growling… even if it is in play. I have seen her initiate play, twice, with Oscar (2 year old male bully). He wanted to play, but was nervous too. She is a little scary to him.

Sammi is just sweet! She wants to lay on the couch all day, preferably being scratched and cuddled. At night, she heads straight under my bed and stays there till everyone else in the house is up, then she emerges. She absolutely LOVES her walks… just trots along, romping happily. She is pretty good on a leash. She doesn’t pull or misbehave, but she does tend to weave in front of my feet now and again.

Her temperament is very polite and sweet. I feed all 5 dogs with no one being separated. She politely waits for her turn when they all line up for a treat. I can pass food over her head to the next dog, with no issues. She is not really interested in toys or playing.

Not only is she house trained, but she has an iron bladder! The girl can hang on forever! She will willingly walk into her crate when asked, but I never use it anymore. Sammi comes when she is called very well…. even when she is outside with lots to sniff. I don’t ask her to sit, because she has arthritis in her hips.

I think Sammi would be best with a woman, as she continues to growl very quietly and sometimes even barks at my husband. She is very nervous around him. You can tell that she wants to approach him, and tries every now again. She has done it a few times. All the other dogs love him and swarm around him and she just can’t do it. I believe she would be most comfortable with a woman who just wants an easy companion. Sammi is no work at all. She is happy to lay there and cuddle and is not hyper if she misses her walk.

Sammi is special because she is just so sweet and lovable. I also believe she has a sense of humor. You can see it in her eyes. Every now and again, she gets silly and it is so cute. She is a gentle giant that will be a wonderful companion!

Sammi  is spayed, up to date on vaccinations and on Heartworm preventative. Her adoption fee is $400.