Sancho wasn’t sure why he had to have a pedicure and bath, but he knew it must be for something  important. He even went to bed early so he’d be ready. 

Keith, along with his wife Jenn, daughter Alexis and Kira, their 2-year-old German Shepard, made the trip up from Humble, Texas to meet Sancho and take him home with them. 

The family believes in adopting rescue dogs and have been looking for a younger Bulldog. Both Keith and Jenn are hoping Alexis will have the opportunity to grow up with their dogs. They are first-time Bulldog owners, but Keith has always liked the breed and been around them a lot in his youth. Plus, they’ve done their breed research! 

There was much excitement and tail wagging between dogs, especially from Sancho. I think he and Kira will end up being great friends! They all had a long drive home to get to know one another.


Sancho here!  Today I joined rescue!  

No sad stories for me. I had a family and 2 small skin brothers. Everyone loved me and there was a lot of tears and hugging when we said our good-byes. But it was time. I had spent a lot of time by myself when my Mom went back to work. 

I am 7 months old, and everyone knows a 7-month-old puppy has a lot of energy and needs someone to play with just about 24/7. There was a family meeting, and everyone listened to me and they understood that I was not happy hanging around at the house all day by myself. After a while I just found myself waiting for someone to come home and play with me.  

I love to play ball. I can run like the wind, and play keep-away all day long. I have a lot of toys and I might have been known to pick up a people shoe ever now and then and do a little chewing, but if I can find my bones, I am happy to chew on those too.  

Well, I am going to sit with Dr. Larsen’s and tell her all about the family I have in mind. Dr Larsen is going to squeal when she sees me, she is going to say that I am the cutest puppy she has ever seen!

8/15/22 Update:  Sancho is settling into his foster home. He knows his name and responds to it. This adorable guy is almost 7 months old and about 40 lbs. What a cutie!! I just want to squish him all the time, especially with that soft coat of his. 

He’s super sweet and his tail is always wagging. Sancho is house and crate trained. We’ve had no accidents. If you pay attention to him, you’ll see him head for the door. If not, we just take him out often. After all, puppies need to go out a lot!

He loves to play, loves balls, all toys and really loves to go for walks.

Sancho is a great little (well, maybe not that little) walker. If he gets ahead of me too far, I just call to him and he slows down. 

Sancho gets along with all dogs … sometimes too much, especially smaller dogs. His play style is to jump on top of them, which does not always go over well. He’s having fun and just wants to play. He does correct well and he doesn’t try to jump on top of bigger dogs. He just sticks his head under them. 

Good news is he can just as easily entertain himself. A few toys and he’s having a party! He does drool so keep that towel handy. 

Sancho is going to be a great addition to some lucky family!

8/20/22 Update:  Sancho loves to help with the laundry. When the buzzer goes off he expects me to get busy!

8/25/22 Update:  All I can say is he’s a sweetheart! He’s very well behaved for a puppy. He’s house/crate trained, sleeps in his crate quietly and goes right out in the morning and does his business. He loves walks and we take a short one  every morning and evening. Sancho loves toys of all kinds and can easily keep himself entertained. 

8/31/22 Update:  Sancho had a great time bidding on items in the Sumner Lovin’ auction …  and of course, chewing his Nylabone while waiting to see if he got outbid. 

Thank you all for your generous bids to help us pay our vet bills! We’re so very grateful.