Sassy May

Sassy May

Sassy May knew that something was happening as soon as she saw me get her harness and leash off the hook. Sassy had surgery on her shoulder and had not worn her harness in a couple weeks. Make no mistake, she knows her harness and she knows putting it on means she is going somewhere.  

In reading through all her medical info this morning, Dr. Larsen had described her as “obese” and could benefit from losing some weight. Good thing I read that AFTER our first stop, which was the Little Czech Bakery in West, Texas, for a cream cheese danish. After all, we were fixing to part ways because Sassy was about to be adopted.

Phillip and Marilyn are no strangers to rescue. They adopted Bruno four years ago. Since Bruno, they have had two little boys, Patrick, and Declan, who are so sweet and gentle with the Bulldogs. 

When the family met Sassy May, it was love at first sight. And just like that, Sassy is headed home with a perfect family picked out just for her. It was a great day for Sassy indeed. 

In rescue, we see a lot of people surrendering their dogs because they are having kids. Yet, here’s a family who adopted, had kids and added another dog! Let this be a lesson: you can have kids and keep your pets.   

Stay fabulous, Sassy. You sure will be missed, but you are right where you need to be: with a great family who loves Bulldogs.

My story is one that I’m sure you’ve heard before: my mom and dad are getting a divorce and no one could keep me. 

I had a good life growing up with my family and their kids. We had been together since I was a puppy, but I guess that doesn’t matter much now. 

The nice man who picked me up had been told to wait until after Christmas to get me. Then, Christmas came and the man got a call to come get me “now!” 

Rescue wagon #1 picked me up and after 3-4 hours, we met up with rescue wagon #2. That was a lot of driving, but I was just chilling on my bed. I guess you can call it my security bed!  

I am 5 years old and resemble a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows! I love kids, other dogs and I especially like men.  I was a daddy’s girl! I am adjusting well in my foster home. I have my bed and I found a spot I like. 

I will be off to see the famous Dr. Larsen this week. I will sit in her lap and get a quick checkup. She may say I am a little “round,” but that just means there’s more of me to love. 

So, who wants to ring in the new year with a new pup? New year, new beginnings, new pup. Sounds like the whole enchilada, if you ask me. Mmmmmmm…. enchiladas.

I hope you enjoy my pics. I told the photographer to get my good side!