Scarlet has been adopted! Her new home will be in Austin with a super nice lady named Ana who owns a concrete company and will have a fur brother Bulldog named Sam!
Scarlet and Sam will go to work daily with their mom. I know these two will have a blast together. We’ll miss our first sweet foster Bulldog! Happy life, Scarlet.

Scarlet here!  And yesterday was a great day for me!  Yesterday I joined rescue with my sister Suri. We were ready to go. We knew there was a place where the food was good, the treats where plenty and the love was endless.  For a while we have been kinda hungry. You know that feeling when you eat a little, but you really want a lot?  That’s us. I checked into the clinic and sat with Dr. Larsen.  Dr. Larsen showed me around, and told me what time meals were served.  I was all about hearing that. Meal time is my favorite time of the day.  So really that’s all about me.  Watch for updates about me and Suri, the litter mates that love to run and play and play and play!

3/3/20 Update:  Scarlet is a 2 year old who loves attention and is a joy to be around! She’s a girl who lets you know in her own way that it’s time to give her some attention…. which makes her even more sweet and cute than she is naturally.

To give you a better idea, when we were setting up in the room for photos, she was so excited, she began to talk to us. She was very patient for her turn, until she wasn’t. She had tried her sweet talk on us and then she decided to take a more blunt approach on getting her turn in front of the camera.

We had just put a Bulldog up and were about to pick another, when Scarlet (in her way of doing things) put her bowl in her mouth and began to beat on the side of her crate. When I looked at her, she would stop. When I looked away, she would do it again. It was as if she was telling me, “Hey, lady ~ it’s my turn!”

I just started laughing and let her out. She came out just like a lady, posed perfect and was sweet the entire time I worked with her. I love her. She’s a girl who knows what she wants and how to get it!

Scarlet came into rescue with her sister Suri. Scarlet is energetic, but on a lower level than Suri. Both sisters have a problem with chewing on the wrong things. Not shoes, pillows, their beds, but harmful things, like wires, wood, rocks, etc. So, they are now being trained on what can be chewed and what can’t.

They both came in a little underweight, so Dr. Larsen doesn’t know if it’s a nutrition issue, boredom, or just because they need to be taught their manners. All these things are being examined so we can get it fixed.

Scarlet will steal you heart when you meet her! She likes to sit in your lap and nibble lovingly on your hand. This girl only wants to love someone. She would be great with other dogs and kids. She’s playful and energetic, but not overly energetic. Like Little Red Riding Hood… not too soft and not too hard. She’s just right! You will always get back more love than you give with Miss Scarlet.

3/17/20 Update:  I’m doing great in my new foster home. I’m a farm dog here and I’m really good at it. I’m really good at chasing the flying things, but just not quite fast enough to catch them. Foster Mom says that’s good because she really likes her chickens. I met the barn cats and they don’t really seem to like me so I stay away from them. I’m great with my new fur pals and I’m even nice to Bert and Rosie, the pigs who also live here. I love to play in mud, just like them! I like to check out the goats and donkeys through the fence and I’m sure they think I’m amazing.

I guess a whole bunch of people think there’s a toilet paper shortage in the world, so it wasn’t good that I took the end of a roll and ran through the house. Oh, speaking of which, Foster Mom says I need a little work on my house manners, but I’ll learn. I’ve had two potty accidents in the house, but she says that’s OK. I sleep well in my kennel and I also love to get on the new couch that she says dogs aren’t allowed on… I was up there all day, so I think she forgot about that rule.

I have the most fun with my boxer pal, Auggie. We like to wrestle. I’m very busy when I’m not lounging, so I’ll report back soon. Cheers from the farm!

3/22/20 Update:  I’m settling in great here at the farm. I have lots to do and my favorite friend here is Auggie. We play lots and even nap together. I struggled with the potty outside thing this week, but Foster Mom says she thinks I’ll get it sooner rather than later.

We’re all ready for some sunshine here and I’ll be glad to not get hosed down every time I play outside. I’m good for a bath, by the way!
I prefer to be in someone’s lap or in the big human bed here. 
I do have to be told a few times when I’m not behaving. Foster Mom thought I was hard of hearing, but maybe I’m just stubborn because I can hear just fine.

I should let you all know that I get scared when a human picks up something large, like a broom, etc. My foster parents are working on it with me. They pet me now when they pick up anything that looks scary, so it’s getting easier. I hope you all have a great week. Looking forward to extra snuggles during this “social distancing” period.  Love and wrinkles, Scarlet

3/30/20 Update:  Scarlet asked me to help with her weekly email, as she’s busy chasing chickens.  Scarlet has done well this past week. We struggle with potty training, but I think she does better each day (no accidents for about three days now).

This is a very ornery Bulldog, but oh so cute! She does turn to look at me when I’m hollering at her to stop chasing the chickens, but then she continues on, as it apparently is loads of fun. She‘s caught a couple and just tastes them… doesn’t really hurt them; however, I wouldn’t leave her to babysit a chicken, for sure!

Scarlet prefers to be on a couch or a human bed when inside and is very cuddly on these occasions. She helps with farm chores and loves to play with her pal, Auggie. This week, we discovered she loves to play in a kiddie pool!

4/5/20 Update:  I’m doing great here on the farm. Not one potty accident this week! I even got to sleep outside of my kennel last night and of course, I did a really good job. Foster Mom says I’m such a great bath-taker… this must be because I get a bath here at least once a day because I spend lots of time running through mud when I play with Auggie.

I’ve been helping in the office while Foster Mom works and I’ve become more friendly with the barn cats and I even (mostly) stopped chasing chickens! (I still chase one when they aren’t looking, so shhh….)

I think the humans here are tired of being house bound. Yesterday, I saw Foster Momma doing her regular juicing that she does lots, only this time she added something called vodka?

Anyhoo— I think I have a potential adopter and Foster Momma is excited for me, but sad too. Apparently I’m amazing. Cheers, Scarlett