The miracle girl that YOU all helped us save, Serenity, is now living her best life ever.

She writes: I am doing great and have some fantastic news! I was adopted today by the most special family from Euless, Texas. My dad is a musician, mom is a nurse and my new sister is in cheer! I also get a fur brother and I know we’ll have fun together.

I am so excited for my new adventure. They tell me we’re going to visit a lot of places and my sister is going to do dress up with me… woohoo!!!

With a few licks and a hug from my foster dad, I am on my way. Love and blessings to everyone who helped make this happen! My life was saved because of you.


They pulled into the shelter’s parking lot after hours, when they knew everyone had already left on Sunday. They dumped what seemed like a lifeless mass on the parking lot and vanished. The next morning, when employees arrived for work, they found her—barely alive.

We named her Serenity because it is something she’s probably never known. She has cuts, gashes and punctures all over her body. She looks like she was viciously attacked by a pack of large dogs. The injuries appear to be a few days old and already smell of infected flesh. Her “owners” spread a little salve on them before they dumped her. 

The shelter staff immediately started working on her. They started IV fluids and getting antibiotics on board. When she was stable, they notified us and requested an emergency pickup. 

Our volunteer Ronnie said he’d never seen a dog alive who was so badly injured. She seemed on the brink of death. She couldn’t move or even lift her head. As they rushed to Dr. Larsen’s, he checked his rear view mirror every few minutes to be sure she was still breathing and prayed the whole way. 

Bright Star Veterinary staff had been notified and were anxiously waiting for her arrival. They restarted an IV and gave her Nutri-Cal and other supplements and pain meds to help stabilize her. 

She has a very large open gash in one armpit. She has another deep gash in her neck. Because she is so weak from the blood loss and in shock, they did not do much beyond immediate care and getting her stabilized. 

In a day or two, they will start addressing all the different wounds. There will also be some radiographs to check for broken bones and any internal damage. 

Serenity started having some mild head tremors this afternoon. That is most likely due to the stress. They gave her some more glucose and a Valium injection. 

We can’t imagine her pain. We can’t  imagine how sore she will be for weeks. We can’t  imagine the people who let her endure this. But before Ronnie left, she looked up at him with her big brown eyes just long enough as if to say, “Thanks.” 

Serenity is around 3 years old  and weighs around 40 pounds. She has a very long journey ahead of her, but with your prayers and support, we hope she’ll make a full recovery. The mental wounds may take much longer to heal than the physical ones.

Thank you for allowing us to care for Serenity. Please keep her and the vet staff in your thoughts.

2/22/22 Update:   Thank you for keeping Serenity in your thoughts ~ your good vibes are working. 

Last night, she had a little more movement with her head and was looking around. The staff syringed her some canned food and water.  They also ran more fluids and more Valium. She vomited a little early this morning, but the staff is not concerned, given everything she’s been through.  

2/23/22 Update:   Foster girl Serenity is continuing to head in the right direction! 

After her morning walk, she was definitely exhausted, but that was a definite milestone for her. 

The vet staff members were able to check her body more thoroughly today. The horrific bites and wounds on and behind her ears, the deep punctures in her neck, the gash in her armpit… not to mention the smell of infection. 

Her right front leg, which seems to have suffered the worst injuries, also appeared to be more swollen today. 

Her energy level is still quite low, obviously. She slept while the staff had to shave some spots on her body and give her a warm, soothing bath. She then received more fluids to help with her recovery. 

Right now, we are treating the infected flesh and Dr. Larsen hopes Serenity has enough healthy tissue to sew up some of the wounds. 

Thank you so much for keeping this girl in your thoughts. We’ve been overwhelmed by your caring notes and posts, we simply can’t keep up with all the activity. Please know we appreciate each and every one. Serenity is beyond blessed to have an army of supporters! 

2/24/22 Update:  Foster girl Serenity continues to improve! She also was more alert today. 

She’s getting regular pain meds to ease the discomfort of all her wounds, bites and bruises. We would imagine even breathing can be a bit uncomfortable for her. She’s still having some swelling in one of her legs, so we’re keeping a close eye on that. 

The vet staff put her on an appetite stimulant today, which has helped, and she is also drinking more. She got a good betadine scrub, hydro treatment and laser treatment. 

When Heather, one of the vet techs, was laying with her in the ring and talking to her, Serenity moved over and kissed Heather on the nose. Can you take it? We can’t! 

The vet staff and rescue volunteers will continue to wait on this precious girl and provide for all her wants and needs. Thank you to our supporters for giving us the resources we need to help Serenity heal. We’re forever grateful!

2/28/22 Update:  The vet team has removed all of her dead tissue. They are scrubbing it and doing hydrotherapy twice daily. They hope it will granulate back in, but time will tell. She is trying to be very playful today and offering lots of free kisses. Thank you for sending her your strength and well wishes.

3/3/22 Update:  More of her personality is starting to show! This morning, she was all excited about getting up and moving around while her kennel was cleaned. She walked around the room and tried to play with the staffer by laying on the blankets before they were ready. She wanted the attention! As soon as her kennel was freshened, she jumped in and was ready to snuggle with her toys and pillow. She also has an amazing appetite. In her fresh, clean “condo,” she ate almost all of her food. She is becoming way more alert and is happy to see everyone!

3/14/22 Update:  Serenity continues to do well. She is getting stronger and they have finally finished removing all the dead/dying skin so the healing can really begin. Unfortunately they were finally able to begin doing more labs. We were not surprised she is still anemic and that her kidney function was a little off. However, we were saddened to find out she is Heartworm positive and will need treatment for that when she gets stronger.

4/28/22 Update:  Good Evening All, Serenity here! I just finished my first week with my new family!  I have slowly found my niche with two adult brothers and two 12 wk old brothers.  Been a little slow learning our day starts at 0400 but moving forward by leaps and bounds!   We have found a good system and are learning each other.

I adopted my little buddies and they are teaching me to play again plus show affection! I also am slowly learning to allow my Foster Dad to show me how to enjoy the freedom to run, play, and enjoy life without fear!

Still rehabbing but doing good!!!  Thank You to everyone for all the prayers and wonderful gifts!  PS:  Foster Mom and Dad introduced me to McDonalds on our trip home and he promised me we can go back this weekend!  WhooHoo!!!

5/13/22 Update:  Hi Everyone!

Serenity here checking in! Life sure is one big adventure, who knew I would love blueberries and even carrots? My foster family introduced me to them and I think they make my meal so good!

I am slowly coming out of my shell and sharing my feelings. I love to snuggle and when we can my Foster Dad is great at doing naps with me!!!

My highlight was Mothers Day!  We did soft scrambled eggs and donut holes, this lady felt special! WhooHoo!!! Sharing a couple of pictures of us snoozing after breakfast and then helping Dad work on his golf game! Foster Dad says next week we start our heartworm treatment so we will have to make some changes. Not sure what that will mean, but if every Sunday breakfast is like Mothers Day I am all in! 

Foster Dad also said I am healing so good and I am so beautiful that with the heartworm treatment done I will be ready for my next adventure of finding my forever home! I will keep you posted on how my treatments are going but its time to start putting in those applications!!!

5/25/22 Update:  This week, I went to visit my extended family at Bright Star Veterinary Clinic to start my heartworm treatment.  

Foster Dad said this was going to be our easiest road traveled. All we have to do is take it easy for 30 days! I think he was joking a little, as we are always going, but with all we have been through, we will just have to be patient. 

We started the trip off with my favorite breakfast of eggs and I was ready.  

During my visit, I got to see some special friends and especially my little man who gave me lots of love!   

Foster Dad got me on Friday and we are just cruising until this is all over. I have to admit: I do not like being on a leash everywhere, but I did get to have a nap and help Foster Dad cook breakfast. It won’t be long and I will be ready for that special furever family.

6/13/22 Update:  Serenity here or should I say, “Jailbird?” I have to share with you: quarantine for my heartworm treatment really is a downer! I don’t like the fact that I have to go everywhere on a leash. 

However, Foster Dad lets me join him on the coach whenever he can. I like to snuggle and take naps with him!  One more week and then I get to ditch the leash and in another week, I get to rejoin my group of siblings when they get crazy! 

I have to give kudos to my personal chef, as I discovered I love sardines along with baby carrots. Sundays are still my favorite with soft scrambled eggs! 

6/21/22 Update:  You can call me Freebird because I completed my heartworm treatment and I’m no longer on the leash. WhooHoo!

We celebrated with donut holes. I also got to walk the land and feed the animals with my foster dad! I can now mess around with my buddies again and I am soooo happy!  

We did Father’s Day for my foster hooman (seen here) and I gave him lots of love. He says I am so special and just radiate happiness with everything we do.  

I also got to interact with family and then learned how good food that comes off the grill tastes. Plus, I got to get more cuddles with more people. 

I did kind of act up though. I get so excited, it’s hard for me to sit still ~ but I let them get a couple pictures.  

I am so looking forward to my next adventure.

6/28/22 Update:  Serenity is enjoying her freedom and she constantly amazes me with her zest for life!  She is one of the quickest Bulldogs I have ever seen as she gets really close to catching squirrels!  Early morning when it’s cool she will also sometimes get the zommies and has a blast with the puppies.  Still our favorite is taking life easy on the couch enjoying each other!

7/14/22 Update:  With this heat, it’s hard to get out, but we did make our McDonald’s trip for burgers!

Then we had a spa day to be ready for my first sleepover. We had two of our foster family’s grandkids over and let me tell you…. whooohooo! We had fun! 

We played chase a lot and I also got a bunch of snuggles from both of the boys as we watched hoops on TV. I also believe I’m now an expert on Thomas the Train and Harry Potter. 

From foster pops: Serenity is doing really well. She can still be startled, but is really coming into her own! She can get a little cranky if she feels she is not getting enough attention. 

She is listening really well and is learning how to fetch. It’s a beautiful thing to watch unfold as she learns to play and become comfortable with being happy.

8/8/22 Update:  I am doing great and having fun! 

Foster Dad incorporated me full time onto his ranch team and I love it. We water plants, feed and bath the horses (I watch from the barn, as they are so big)! I also help patrol the yard and guard the deck, as we are taking it down to update. We are always in early for snacks and cool-down time. 

I was told this weekend I am going to learn about football and the Cowboys! Evidently we dress up and eat burgers and hot dogs. I’m in! Whooohooo!