Sgt. Pepper

Sgt. Pepper

Sgt Pepper found just forever today with some LSBCR alumni. Sgt will be a city dog with his own yard and truck to ride around in. He was very happy to hop in the car with Laura and Wes and I know he’ll have a great life with these guys! Sgt will be an only fur kid with lots of walks and time at home with Wes when he retires next month.

Something happened and my dad got very sick. He is older and they had to take him away to a special place. They said he had corona-something and he could no longer take care of me. A friend contacted these rescue people and they said they would love me, take care of me and find me a new home.

My name is Sgt. Pepper, but everyone calls me Sarge. I am 3 years old and in good health, other than a hot spot on the side of my face, which will be taken care of soon. I am very active, yet I still I know my manners and how to behave. I like my play time, but I also enjoy my nap time almost as much.

I am a little on the thin side for my size. I hear after a trip to see Dr. Larsen, there will be plenty of food to eat. Sounds like a pretty good plan to me! Not sure what that “neuter” thing is … I’m sure it’s no big deal. I’m a tough boy!

Stay tuned to see what happens to me and please say a prayer for my old dad. He doesn’t look too good.

4/26/20 Update:  Foster boy Sgt. Pepper has been placed on 4-wheeler guard duty … because this boy is for sure interested in chasing the chickens.

4/20/20 Update:  I joined the foster folks at the Holway Farm. They say I’m amazing, of course. I’m great with all the other fur kids here. Well, except the barn cats…

I’m sending along a picture of me guarding the 4-wheeled loud machine in the barn. That’s my job at the barn because I think it’s fun to chase the chickens and fight with things bigger than me, like donkeys. The donkeys think it’s funny, but I guess I’ll “lose the fight,” as Foster Mom says.

Anyhoo… so I guess I won’t be a farm dog in my next home, but I’m practicing other stuff. I sit, shake, kennel well and I’m super cuddly. Also, I potty outside, like the horses and stuff. I love to chase toys and I sometimes let the humans have them.

I’m a big beefy guy with great manners and lots of love to give. I especially like Foster Dad. Gotta run… we’re headed to the barn and I have some stuff to guard!

4/28/20 Update:  We’ve had a great first week with this lovable guy. Sarg is housebroken and doesn’t even really need the kennel. We’ve allowed him to be left alone in the house for short periods and he is a perfect gentleman.

Riding in the car is this guy’s favorite thing to do and an open door is always an invite for him to ride along. He’s great around people and listens well.

Taking a page from Scarlett’s book, he is not a farm dog. At all. We’ve had a few challenges there. He thinks he is way bigger than he is and this could get him in trouble with a donkey or the like.

We do see some mild aggression with a “silent, but strong” bigger dog, but it seems to come and go. He just can’t keep his nose out of private parts and sometimes, he goes a bit too far. Sarg would do best with a dog that is just “aloof“ in character.

He has begun to play with Auggie, our 1-year-old boxer. Auggie thinks that’s amazing because none of our other fur kids will play with him.

I’ve attached a short video of Sarg this morning. This is basically what he does most of the time. Happy Monday!

5/8/20 Update:  Sarg had a great week! Lots of car rides, which he loves, and he has decided that our young boxer is his new favorite playmate. Again, this is a great pup. Perfect house manners and easy to coach.

We did have a bit of excitement a few days ago when he followed a younger human that was visiting us, out of the house while our boy pig was in the yard. The chase was on! Me, chasing the dog, chasing the pig. This turned out fine, but once Sarg had made his decision to chase Bert, I could not stop him with a voice command. So cut to me racing through the yard in flip-flops and trying to keep my too-big pants from falling down in front of the neighbors, tackling the dog and bouncing off the pig who was scared and running for his life. Sarg isn’t a farm guy. I know I’ve said it before, but he keeps proving it….LOL