Shelby has been adopted!  This was the most difficult foster dog to let go to date. Shelby came into our home cranky and anti-social. It took us two weeks just for her to trust us. Also, another month to break her ornery behavior. I can honestly say she is 180 degrees different leaving us. Both foster mom and I had our cry getting into the car with her knowing she may find her furever home. When we got to her new home, we walked her down the sidewalk. I said it was to get her used to her new neighborhood, but it was for me to let her go, if they were a match. She was hesitant at first to enter her new home. Shelby takes a while to get used to new surroundings. Well, she found her new couch she is going to call home and Heather gently showed her loving. Shelby’s new name is Baba and she has a new brother Vegas. I know she is going to live the good life with plenty of walks and a more active lifestyle. Can’t wait to see all the pics she takes in the future. Thank you for adopting this precious doll who stole our hearts.

Welcome 4 year old Shelby to rescue. Stay tuned for updates from her foster family.

11/17/16 Update:  We picked up Shelby and Lilly today from boarding and we are excited to be new foster parents to them. Shelby seems to be a little dog aggressive, but nothing a little love can’t fix. Lilly is a doll and is so sweet to be around. We now have three bundles of joy looking for that furever home. Never thought we would have five Bulldogs at once.

12/4/16 Update:  Shelby checking in. I’m a lovable white beauty that wants a hooman all to myself. I have three fur sisters right now in my foster house that I tolerate. At first, I wanted to show my dominance, but it didn’t work out so great. I am working on being more social, but honestly, I would prefer to be the only one. My foster pops spoils me by letting me lay on his lap and rubs me until I fall asleep. I show him that I appreciate it by never having accidents. I can stay out or in my kennel at night or during the day and will only potty outside, which should be the way every fur baby should be. I love sitting in a mound of towels. I’m working on not eating so fast. Making sure there is no food left in anybody’s bowl is my goal. If you want to adopt me or know someone that might, please share my story.

12/19/16 Update:  Hello, everyone. I’m Shelby. I have been working on my social skills this week and have done amazing, I must say. I have even opened up and starting playing with my foster sister and brother. You don’t have to worry about me having accidents because I know where to go. Laying next to you on the couch is my specialty. I have had an allergic reaction on my skin this week, but it’s looking and feeling so much better now. I enjoy baths and have had no issues taking my medication. If you would like to adopt a Dalmatian-looking Bulldog, fill out an adoption application. I will see y’all next week!

12/29/16 Update:  Hey there, it’s Shelby. I must say I have turned into a momma bear. We got a new rescue in named Nicholas and I have taken him under my wing. It’s been nice to show the softer side of me lately. I have shown him how to potty outside and how to sit before we get treats. My foster pops has been so proud of me I get to sit in his lap and get pampered more. I do still like my alone time, for the most part. Socializing still is hard for me, but I am getting much better. I do like playing around with the younger pups more than the older ones, but don’t tell anyone. Well, I hope you find me adorable. I would love to meet you sometime.

1/18/17 Update:  Hello, I am Shelby.  Let me give you an update on me. I would LOVE to follow you around if you are home. I have learned to be a social butterfly.  I am crate trained but will not have any accident if left out. I do not chew on anything, as I’m more sophisticated than that. I love to cuddle and will make the perfect pillow pet. Please share my story so I can get my furever home.

2/12/17 Update:  I have been taking it easy due to partially tearing off a nail on my right rear paw. It hurts really bad. My foster pops didn’t panic, but has shown me so much love this week. I have to soak it up every day until it heals. So, I get carried, put on the couch, and sometimes outside. I think he likes to carry me because I act like I don’t want to move. Well, I got to get a nap in, so I will check in with you next week.

3/3/17 Update:  I have been doing great since the last update.  Getting all the rest and relaxation helped me heal.  My paw isn’t bothering me any longer.  The nail is slowly growing back without any issues.  I have loved being out all day by myself.  Watching Cartoon Network is nice, but having the couch all to myself is better.  My foster siblings get too rowdy when they are left out.  Foster pops loves on me because I must say I’m the best behaved.  I get plenty of treats, belly rubs, and kisses.  He even tells me jokes and he caught a pic of me laughing.  I wish I could find a furever home.  Please share my story and make my wish come true.

3/20/17 Update:  Aloha it’s Shelby: Wish I was in Hawaii, but being in my current foster home is like a vacation. I get the royal treatment on a daily basis. My pops pampers me with a cooked breakfast when he has off days. I enjoy soaking in the bathtub. Fill it up will bubbles and like calgone “take me away”. I have big brown eyes and white eye lashes.  I’m mostly quite, but will alert you if anyone is at the door. My ears are my best feature. One has spots the other is solid black. Can’t wait for playtime outside with Nicholas. Well I have to go now.

4/12/17 Update:  Shelby here with my update. It has been interesting the last two weeks. My playmate got adopted shortly after my last update. So happy for Nicholas, but it’s made me a lazy girl lately. I had a meet and greet that went well, except they wanted a more active puppy and unfortunately, that isn’t me. I enjoy the relaxing things in life, like sitting on the couch and being feed some tasty treats. It’s takes me a while to open up and sometimes that holds me back. I know when I first got to my foster home, I didn’t want any part of anyone. Thankfully, my foster pops was patient with me and now we are besties. He gets me and knows I am like a pillow pet. You can rub on me and I will comfort you. I will be your companion and watch any show you put on TV. I like being taken on walks and will never turn down any food. Honestly, I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t want the “typical” Bulldog. Ha! I know my furever home is out there … I just know it! Please like or share my story, so I can bring joy and happiness to a deserving family. Until then, I will patiently wait for that application to come across my email.

5/1/17 Update:  Shelby has to be the most relaxed Bulldog you will ever meet. She is a shy girl that takes a little time to warm up to you. She will let you come up to her and loves affection. It seems that if you have an animal cracker in your hand, the process speeds up. Being a couch potato is her life. Funny thing is that she prefers the Disney channel over Animal Planet. She gets so involved in animated shows. Her highlight is every two weeks when it’s spa day. Oh man, does she love taking baths and getting dried off. Surprisingly, even though she is a couch potato, if she hears you getting out her leash, it excites her. Taking walks and exploring the outdoors seems to intrigue her. It is going to take a special person that can be patient and earn her trust.