Sir Loin (now Samson)

Sir Loin (now Samson)

Sam is officially FAM. Through all his faults, he is a perfect match for our pack. Yes, he likes to pee on things he shouldn’t, chew up items that are not his to destroy, has a few other “ticks” and theres no helping you if you come between food and his mouth (even though he’s lost half his teeth😂). This ol’ Bulldog has the heart of a saint and simply wanted to be with a family that can look past his quirks and see the sweetheart he truly is. We are so excited to be able bring him on all of our adventures and for Sam to feel like this is the last adjustment he ever needs to make. This boy makes our pack whole, at least for now…. expansion is always on the horizon😁.
Thank you to Lone Star and all they do to save and house these wonderful Bulldogs.

Please welcome Sir Loin Samson back to our rescue family! He writes: My day started early with hugs, kisses and tears before the very long car ride. Back in the day, I was known in rescue as Sir Loin – because I am such a tasty morsel of meat 🍖! Though that has not changed, my name has. I now respond to Samson or Sam-Sam. I was so happy with my family and them with me until a new person moved in and began itching and sneezing terribly and it was all because of me . After much deliberation, I decided to come back to rescue because I had such a good experience last time. Though I am basically perfect, I am at Dr Larsen’s to let her and the crew confirm this. I strongly suggest that you get your application in and get with your adoption coordinator because I won’t be here long! I might just get matched to YOU. Samson out.

Sir Loin has been adopted and now goes by, Samson!  His wonderful family drove up bright and early Sunday morning to pick up their new family member and it was love at first sight.  His parents came bearing a gorgeous new harness and even a sweet gift for foster mom!  He has a brand new fur sister named, Bubbles that is just precious.  Plus, skin siblings galore!  Samson will never go without kisses or belly rubs, that is for sure.  This amazing and loving bulldog found his perfect family and his forever after.  We couldn’t be happier for this little angel-happy tails, Samson!!

Please welcome Sir Loin to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue! Sir Loin, age 4, was part of a breeding program, but was surrendered because his sperm wasn’t as efficient as needed. Sir Loin is dog friendly and seems to be as sweet as can be. He and foster girl Sylvia rode together during their freedom ride with zero problems. Stay tuned for more details on him.

2/19/17 Update:  Sir Loin came to our home this week and what a beautiful boy he is, inside and out. He loves, loves affection and petting and any attention you are willing to give. He came from a puppy mill where he didn’t get any of that. Foster mom and pops are doling it out as much as he can take! Sir Loin is 4 years old, but it’s like he is an 8-week-old puppy in a grown body. He has to learn EVERYTHING on what it’s like to be a dog ~ even the smallest of things, like eating out of a bowl, instead of the crate floor. We have taken him on walks, which he is loving, but the Bulldog stubborn side will surface and he has to be coaxed/carried back home. But this loving baby is getting it and so wants to please his humans.

Sir Loin needs to put on a couple of pounds on his large frame to fill him out a bit, but that should happen in no time. He gets along wonderfully with his foster brother and sisters and is learning how to play. He eats his food quickly, and there is no food aggression at all. A family with patience, love and reassurance is what this pumpkin deserves.

1/8/20 Update:  Even though there are tons of toys laying around, I still prefer to find my own. I love moving the beds around. First, I start by relocating my crate and emptying my crate. Then, it’s on to the elevated bed. This is my all time favorite. Can’t you tell? 😉My foster family even bought me one for the backyard.

1/22/20 Update:  I don’t know about you guys, but these rainy days sure give me the blues. After I move the beds around, I’m going to take a nap and dream of sunny days!