He was only at Mays’ Manor a few weeks, but this boy stole my heart! Slade went on his meet-and-greet with the Bayes family and that was that. Slade’s new family consists of a dad, mom, three skin brothers, a fur sister Lola, a hedgehog, and gold fish! Slade is now in a loving home and the Bayes family will help him become the Bulldog he so deserves!

P.S. I’m obviously a lot more happy for Slade than Lola is!

Good morning everyone, it’s me Slade joining rescue.  And I must say, on a scale of 1-10 I do believe I am a 10! I really hate to brag, but I am just stating the facts.  My birthday is in February and I will be 2 years old.  February, the month of Love , that is so me. Describing me I would say I am kinda shy, an average size bulldog, and I get along with all the ladies. I do think I am a ladies man.  Sometime when I see another male dog I am not to sure they want to be friends so I just keep my distance because I never know if they are going to be friendly or not.  I have been around kids and I loved them. But cats, well I can sure make some fur fly there! I am off to sit with Dr. Larsen and show her some places that need some attention and let her squeal with delight when she sees how sweet I am.  This morning I practiced walking on a leash, it went ok, but in the very near future I think it’s going to be great! So that’s all there is to know about me, Slade the beautiful bulldog!

8/17/19 Update:  Rub a dub dub ~ there’s a Slade in the tub! I’ve been sprung from the doc’s and have landed a spot at Mays Manor. We are taking it slow and I’m happy with that. Foster Mom let me meet one of the girls and she was absolutely into me. Who can blame her? I’m one hunk of a stud.

I’ll check back in later as Foster Mom and I get to know each other.

8/26/19 Update:  Do you see my new toy? It’s a monkey that squeaks! A nice lady and her family bought all of us here at Mays Manor a new toy. I love it! Thank you, Holly and family! I’m settling in nicely here and get along with everyone. Foster Mom says I’m a pint-sized Texas Tornado because I’m fast and I like to play. I’ll chase you, let you chase me, and everything in between. I like all people and I like them to pet me! I don’t easy turn belly up for those kind of rubs, but I’m slowly learning that they are just as good as the booty rubs!

Foster Mom is helping me understand the rules of the house, like no jumping, nipping, and that pottying takes place outside. I had never heard of these types of rules before. One might think I was born durning the cave man days, but I wasn’t, or at least, I don’t think I was. I’m smart and I like treats, so Foster Mom is confident that I will be adoptable in no time. While I’m preparing to become the perfect fur companion, you guys should send in those applications!