Smokey Jane

Smokey Jane

Volunteer Rey celebrated his birthday yesterday by adding a new family member. 

Rey writes: That’s right, little did everyone know… Smokey Jane is magical.  

She entered Casa De Meza on Nov 5, 2021. She was a little shy and nervous, but I worked with her daily to bring out her personality.  

Over the last few months, Smokey has been wrapping me around her paw. She helped me heal from a broken heart after my special Bulldog, Petunia, passed away on June 2, 2021. Smokey has some of the same characteristics as Petunia, while adding some of her own. It’s blossomed into a love affair. 

So, I am happy to announce Smokey Jane will now be named Smokey Rae Meza and will live out her years being pampered. Nothing but a life filled with relaxation and Cuban music from here on out!

Monday morning surrenders are the reason we work so hard to make sure no Bulldog gets left behind.  

Meet Smokey Jane. At age 8, Smokey found herself moving in with her dad’s mother. Her dad worked out of town and no one was there to take care of Smokey. 

Smokey has some vision problems, but what you may notice most is the huge tumor on her side. Dragging that thing around has been uncomfortable, heavy and it sometimes leaks fluid. 

Smokey may not know where she’s going right now, but she knows that no matter what, it will be a better life for her than living outside in the Texas heat. 

10/4/21 Update:  Smokey Jane is the dog who recently had the giant tumor removed. Unfortunately, the pathology reports confirmed mammary osteosarcoma. One study reported an average survival time of 90 days, with 62.5 percent of cases dying of pulmonary metastatic disease. Dr. Larsen will talk with other oncologists to review the samples and come up with a game plan. Please keep Smokey in your thoughts!

11/18/21 Update:  Daisy Jane and Smokey Jane have finally settled in quite nicely.  They have let me know that crates aren’t for them.  It’s crazy how these two ladies have demanded me to let them have full range of our home so quickly.  They have the best behavior of any fosters I have previously had.  They sleep all day and sometime comforting each other.  They aren’t a bonded pair, but seem to enjoy each other’s company.  Daisy is still shy and her eyes need work.  Smoky loves to lay on a blanket or under it.

1/7/22 Update: I’m an easy going woman who loves my humans. I’m looking for a calm household where I can be loved. Being a couch potato and an arm rest is my specialty. I know where to do my business and love to sleep in a dog bed at night. Hey, but if you let me in the bed with you, I will keep your legs warm! I have a soft coat and I enjoy receiving pets and kisses. 

1/21/22 Update:   With all this cooler weather, I love my blankie. Foster Pops tells me it’s supposed to be on top of me. He just doesn’t realize a woman’s tummy gets chilly. He tried to take it and let’s just say he didn’t win that battle. Hope everyone stays warm and toasty.

4/5/22 Update:  I have been lounging outside with my foster dad. I think I have finally wrapped him around my paw.  This is due to my princess demeanor. He is just smitten with me and loves taking my picture.