Today was Sophia’s big day – her adoption day(6/25/16)! This is the 12th Bulldog that Dee and Chuck have owned and the 4th that they have adopted from us. Sophia will be a spoiled princess with this great couple.


Please welcome Sophia to the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue family. She’s 8 years old and tips the scales at a whopping 30 pounds. Sophia’s family had some life changes, so she needed a new furever family to call her own. She is off to the clinic to be spayed and then we will be searching for a perfect family for her.

5/29/16 Update:  Sophia is a complete doll! She gets her stitches out Tuesday and hopefully she will start to feel much better. Most of the week she has had lots of energy but today she had a tummy ache and has wanted to rest most of the day and her one eye has started to bother her. She likes to spend her days curled up next to me on the couch or sitting by my feet.  She has no dog aggression or food aggression. She just wants to be loved:)

6/2/16 Update:  Her blood work indicates some liver issues. We are adding an antibiotic, a nausea medication and a liver support medication to her meds she’s currently taking. Her blood work needs to be rechecked in 2-3 weeks. We also believe she is around 8 years old, not 5.

6/7/16 Update:  Sophia is doing amazing! She plays, cuddles, kisses and wants to go everywhere we go. She has gained some much needed weight and looks fantastic! When she takes her short walks people are always coming up to her saying how adorable she is and how much she looks like a girl.  She is so cute and girly looking. Her breathing is much better too. Fingers crossed, whatever infection she has is gone. We will find out for sure when she returns to the vet soon for her recheck. She is the perfect little bully!

6/13/16 Update:  We discovered Sophia really likes to take showers! She has snuck into mine twice this week! She also has shared her talent of opening doors with us! She likes to open her crate and can also close her crate. She is definitely my shadow and loves to snuggle with us. She has started showing her foster brother- a much larger Bulldog- that she is now the boss lady in a very playful, gentle way. She gets her message across loud and clear to him. She is just the cutest, sweetest little peanut and we just adore her. She is so much healthier and so much more full of life. She goes back to the vet in a week for her follow up blood work