Sophia Elizabeth

Sophia Elizabeth

Hello there, my name is Sophie Elizabeth.  I am between 4-5 years old.  My dad had to surrender me because he is in the military and he was being deployed so I couldn’t be with him.

I met my foster mom and really do like her.  I want to be in any room she is in.  She calls me a love bug and laughs when I squirm while she rubs my belly.  I LOVE belly rubs.

My foster mom says that I am a very sweet girl with a few surprises.  You see, the first few days I was living with my foster mom I was very quiet and docile.  It was probably because I had a really bad ear infection and skin infection so I didn’t feel very good.  When the medicine started working, I started showing some of my true personality.

You see, I don’t like when the other puppies get too close to my food when I am eating.  My mom calls it “food aggression”  I say I am just making sure nobody eats my dinner.  The majority of the time, I have no problem with the other dogs in the house.  We get along fine.  My mom now feeds me in my crate so my food is protected and we are getting along better.  I still get a little irritated at times with the girl puppy in the house.  My foster mom says it’s because we are both “alpha girls” and want to be the boss.  I guess that’s true.  I would probably be happier in a home where I was the only dog or where I could be the only girl and the alpha dog in the family.

I have absolutely no problems with the cat living at my foster mom’s house.  I don’t find him very interesting at all.

If you would like to give me belly rubs and have a sweet bulldog to love, then I am your girl.  I will be spayed and up-to date on my vaccinations and on a heartworm preventative.  My adoption fee is $475.