Sophie Lynn

Sophie Lynn

Today was one of my best days in rescue! Today was the day that Sophie Lynn found her furever family with our very own Julie. I would love to say it was love at first sight, way back in November when Sophie Lynn joined rescue, but that was not the case. Sophie Lynn brought a whole new meaning to “stubborn” and simply refused to walk. Her foster momma, Julie, was constantly trying different things to make her take just a few steps.

Julie bought diet food, lite food, grain-free food, and fat-free this and low-calorie that. But Sophie Lynn maintained the same weight, the same level of stubbornness and she remained the same beautiful soul she had always been. Numerous times Julie would let me know what a hard Bulldog Sophie Lynn was to take places and carry. I would just laugh at Julie because I love the ones with the most fluff!

And then it happened. Julie got an application for Sophie Lynn. Another family wanted to adopt her. Another family would be pulling Sophie Lynn around in a wagon! And Julie was very sad. The fluffy Bulldog that was the hardest one to foster had not only moved into Julie’s home, but also into her heart. But, as it was meant to be, the other family’s Boxer was not impressed with Sophie Lynn’s fluff and it was not a good match. And when Julie heard that, she was soooooo happy. She realized her life was blessed with Sophie and Sophie was the Bulldog that was meant to stay forever.

After fostering for two years and helping more than 20 Bulldogs, who would have ever thought the hardest one, the one that caused the most problems, the one that refused to walk on a leash or be on a diet, would be the one that Julie loved the most. Much happiness, Julie and Sophie Lynn. We know that nice wagon will take ya’ll to many fun places!

If good things come in small packages, big things must arrive in a wagon! Meet Sophie Lynn, a rather large, robust lady who seems to be about as stubborn as a mule when it comes to moving, walking, or doing anything that requires much activity, except eating and she loves to eat.

Sophie Lynn is 2 and is as sweet and precious as they come. She does prefer being carried to walking, and she prefers to rest and not play much. After observing her walking, I do believe she has a torn ACL. Or, she just hobbles because she’s so large…which we’ll be addressing. Either way, Sophie Lynn should get a award in cuteness because she is one cute lady!

1/6/18 Update:  I must be just about the happiest girl in rescue at the moment. My bum wiggles and wiggles. Sometimes, it wiggles when it has nothing to wiggle about! Life is a box of Benebones, and you never know what you’re going to get. And I just love life. Foster Mum says I look like a barrel on four legs. OK, that sounds great! Who wouldn’t want to look like a barrel? She says I don’t walk, but waddle. That makes me special, so I like that I waddle and look like a barrel on four legs. Then she brought out this thing called a leash, and I finally discovered something in this life that I don’t really fancy: walks. It was a battle of wills, and I won! No walk! Yet one more thing for my bum to wiggle about. She said I won the battle, but not the war. Huh? I’m a lover, not a fighter. (Still, no walk!)

Well, I just wanted to introduce myself, but I’ll have more to report later! Right now I’m going to go do one of my favorite things: curl up in the bed for a snooze.

1/14/18 Update:  Remember me? Foster mum has decided to call me “Sedentary Sophie.” What can I say? I never met a bed I didn’t like. You might see me at today’s Bulldog Bonanza at Shady’s Burgers in Richardson. It depends on whether I can be peeled off a bed. Did I mention I’m stubborn?

1/19/18 Update:  Foster girl Sophie Lynn is wearing her wide receiver tee today. She’s all suited up for a football match…. except she, um, prefers wagons to exercise. 😂 Oh, well. She still looks the part.

1/30/18 Update:  Hi everyone! It’s Sophie Lynn here. I’ve been a busy girl. I got to go to our rescue event at that yummy smelling burger joint called Shady Burgers. I got the VIP treatment and got carried out of there. Now that’s service! I think I’ll be a return visitor. You see, foster mum named me Sedentary Sophie. It fits me, you know? Who needs movement when you can be carried. Or at least that’s what I say. I love my R&R so much that the first thing I do when I enter a room is find the bed. In fact, I think if foster mum took me to a stadium, I’d find the only bed in there…except if it’s in the bleachers. Who needs steps when the artificial turf probably feels just fine!

Where’s my furever family? You’re out there. I know it. You’re the one that wants a lazy, lump of a love. For Valentine’s Day, I suggest. I’m simple with few demands. I only want a soft bed to lie in and a family to call my own. That’s all. Foster mum says I’m one of the sweetest Bulldogs she’s fostered. (Also the stubbornest but never mind about that.) Anyway, I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. I’ll be back next week to say it again. 💗

3/4/18 Update:  Life’s good. Well, except for the diet foster mum insists on keeping me on. Good news though! I’ve heard people say I’ve lost weight. Day by day, I’m getting more and more slender. Foster mum still laughs at me, though, because she says I waddle. I’ve heard it said that I probably always will because I’m so broad shouldered and carry so much weight in the front. I’m still a lazy girl who prefers to be carried when I come and go. I feel like a princess like that. I love my beds more than anything else in the world. Are you looking for a Bulldog you can cuddle with on the sofa? If so, I’m your girl.

Since I’ve been in my foster home, other dogs have come and gone. They were all the playful type and loved all the toys in the house. I was grumpy about their presence at the beginning because this is my home, right? I discovered pretty quickly, though, that I didn’t mind their presence at all. In fact, I kind of liked it. I was more engaged in things and played with the toys. So I learned something new about myself. I’ve come to the conclusion that, although being an only dog would be cool, I can actually do really well in a home with other dogs! So that’s my update for now. Signing out now. Love, Sophie Lynn (aka Barrel)