Sophie Rose

Sophie Rose

Sophie Rose and Bevo Buddy hit the jackpot with a fantastic furever family! They will be spoiled by their parents and have tons of fun with their fur brothers Tank, Archie (Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumni) and Rudy.

My dad was working a lot and I was living in a crate for many hours a day. I wasn’t able to get out and do my business, and I was, in general, just lonely.
Finally, I had a talk with my dad and told him about Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. I told him how they could find a girl like me a new family ~ one who would give me the time and attention I need.
I filled out the surrender paperwork and he dropped me off at a nice couple’s home. They even laid out the welcome mat for me!
I’m going to crash here until Monday and then I will head out to someone named Doc Larsen. I’m told I’ll be able to sit in her lap and tell her about all that ails me.
I’ve got a couple of issues going on back there that need some attention and word is this Doc Larsen is the “Bulldog Whisperer” when it comes to fixing up us Bulldogs. I’ll be looking forward to moving on with the next chapter of my life, but right now I need a nap.

5/4/21 Update:  We can begin with confirming she is super sweet, calm and friendly. She is already spreading the love at the vet clinic.

While her spirit is amazing, her body is a 9-year-old train wreck! Her tail pocket is quite large and badly infected. Her tail may have to be amputated. Her lady parts may also need some corrective surgery and she also has four breast tumors that Dr. Larsen strongly suspects are cancer. She has a double ear infection, several bad teeth and she has several large skin tags that need to be removed. We are waiting for the lab work to get back to see if there are any additional issues we can’t see.
At her age and condition, Dr. Larsen has not decided which issues she will attack first and how many she will be able to correct in one surgery.
In the meantime, Sophie Rose will just continue being her sweet self!
6/8/21 Update:   Sophie Rose is 9 years old, but she sure doesn’t act her age. She’s young for an older girl and very playful. She also rides well in the car. She was checking out the house and look where she landed…. on my bed! I was trying to make it up and she got up there to “help.”
6/15/21 Update:  Sophie walks great on a leash! She gets along with my dog, sleeps most of the night and she loves getting pets. She eats well and loves chicken.
7/26/21 Update:  Sophie moved into Hitchcock Manor yesterday because her previous foster family had some personal health challenges. Sophie is getting along great with all her foster siblings and is so sweet. She’s also very playful!
8/2/21 Update:  Sophie continues to be a sweetheart. She had the chance to meet some family friends at their home with Foster Mom and Pop this week. She got along great with them and their dog! Who’s got butter for those rolls, though?

8/11/21 Update:  Gorgeous, sweet, loving, and a GREAT cuddler- those all describe Sophie Rose. She will look deep into your eyes while you’re speaking, like she’s hanging on every word you say.

Who’s ready for this sweet angel in their lives?

8/19/21 Update:  Sophie is doing great in her foster home. She’s as sweet as she looks and is an expert snuggler! She’s working on potty training, but does really well, as long as she’s taken out regularly. She does great with all other dogs, big or small, boys or girls, but most of all, she just wants to be with her humans.

9/5/21 Update:  Sophie is such a sweet girl who gets along with everyone. She just wants a lap to snuggle on.

9/13/21 Update:  Sophie has the squishiest face ever. She gets along great with all dogs and just wants to snuggle with her people. She continues to search for a perfect match to be her furever family.

9/21/21 Update:  Sophie was feeling a little under the weather this week with a little cold. She’s feeling much better now, but she really loved the extra snuggles this week to help her feel better. She even took comfort in snuggling with the resident Bulldog whisperer, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumna Maggie.

10/25/21 Update:  Hi everybully! Sophie Rose 🌹 here. I’m just a cute sweet girl, hoping I could be YOUR cute, sweet furever bully. My foster parents say I’m adorable inside & out. Do you have room for me to snuggle with you? Pretty please?

11/1/21 Update:  Foster girl Sophie Rose had a great time answering the door and meeting all the trick-or-treaters tonight.

12/13/21 Update:  This moment of zen brought to you by Sophie Rose and her rolls. Sophie is a sweet girl who loves people and gets along well with all dogs. She occasionally marks her blanket, but she does well if she’s taken outside regularly. She’s very affectionate and paws if you’re not giving her enough pets. This sweet girl hopes to be matched with her furever home for Christmas.

1/7/22 Update:  Sophie Rose is just as cute in person as in her pictures. What you can’t see in her pictures is just how spry and spunky she is!

Don’t let her age fool you. I would not have guessed her age for how well she gets around and how much energy she has. She trucked after her fur brother, Bevo Buddy, trying to get his attention. She would “talk” to me about giving her more treats and she interacted very nicely with the rest of my pack. When she was done with that, she’d sit next to me on the couch and work her magic to get more pets.

If you love an older lady with a little side of sass (who doesn’t?), Sophie Rose may be your picture of perfection!