Stacy found her perfect furever family AND her perfect couch! This sweet and loving girl deserves her happily ever after. She is an “only,” so she will get all of the attention. Stacy will pass out plenty of kisses to all.

I really have been waiting for a while to hit the road and join rescue!  Every time my family got close to letting me go, we would walk to the car, and then walk back in the house.  My Daddy called me “his girl” and we had a special bond. But some time you just know in your heart it’s time for a change. And I was ready for a change. 

I have had 3 litters of puppies and I was fabulous mom. I loved every baby I ever had.  But enough was enough.  At the age of 4 I retired. Enough babies for me .  Now all I am looking for is a couch, fluffy bed, and some dog treats.  My family had other bulldogs and we got along great.  And kids, I love them too. Really there are not many things I don’t like.  

I will be headed soon to sit with Dr. Larsen and let her tell me just what she has in store for me.  And then I am going to tell her what I have in store for her.  She is going to be surprised when she sees me play ball. And I can run like the wind. I can gather up all her toys in my mouth and run so fast she will not be able to catch me. I can already hear her tell me “Stacy you are going to fit right in, and we are going to be best friends!”  

Watch for me soon looking for my forever family.  My name is Stacy and I am one cute lady.

Unfortunately, tests have revealed that Stacy is infested with heart worms and will have to undergo treatment in a few weeks.

8/9/21 Update:  Toys! I love toys. I love them so much I won’t let them go until I’ve destroyed them. No toy can survive me!  

Foster Mom came home from the store one day and I just knew she had a new toy for me in her bag. She was taking way too long to unpack it, so I helped her out. I sniffed it out, knocked over the bag, and dug it out myself. I’m super helpful like that. 

I’m really enjoying Foster Mom’s place, but I’d love more than anything to find a furever home. I would be great for a family with or without kids or other pets. I just want lots of attention. And toys, of course! Maybe one day I’ll meet a toy that I can’t destroy. I doubt it though.

9/13/21 Update:  Hi bulldog friends… long time, no see. I have been busy getting those awful heartworms taken care of. One of foster mom’s rescue friends took me to see Doc and she fixed me right up. She said I’ll be good as new once I finish my crate rest in a few weeks.

Speaking of crate rest… it’s the worst! All I want to do is run and play and jump into foster mom’s bed with her. But she says I have to “take it easy.”  Taking it easy and relaxing is definitely not in my nature, but I’m doing ok with it. Foster mom has given me lots of treats lately to help. Just a couple more weeks to go and then FREEDOM!  Until next time friends! XOXO

10/6/21 Update:  Stacy is finishing up crate rest for heartworm treatment, so we’re still trying to keep her quiet. She is very affectionate, but she has a ton of energy and is very mischievous. She’s an extremely sweet girl… and maybe a little high maintenance. 

(I feel like I’m not selling her very well. LOL)

11/1/21 Update:  Foster girl Stacy interrupted her morning nap to hear about the Bulldog Bonanza that she will be going to.

Stacy asks,”Will I meet new people? Will there be other Bulldogs? Will there be food? I’m in!   See you Sunday at the party.”

11/24/21 Update:  Stacy has found her favorite activity! A retired exercise ball has a new life. She chases it around the yard until she is made to rest. Just quitting is not an option. Shrubbery beds are no obstacle, so hopefully some new plantings will survive.

Stacy is transitioning from her former puppy making days to becoming a family member. She has mastered potty training, simple commands, the word “no” and getting along with the resident fur babies.

New situations are very stressful for her. She acts very bold, but she is just a softy who loves people and thrives on attention. Stacy also loves her toys. A good supply of chew toys is a must. Sharing toys is very hard for her, so being an only would be fine with her.

This energetic girl is looking for a family that loves to go on walks and to cuddle on the couch.

12/29/21 Update:  Little Miss Stacy LOVES playing with her new Christmas ball. She just doesn’t want to play with me! She loves having toys more than anything, especially balls. Well, maybe it’s a toss up between toys and cuddles. Loving and cuddling with her foster mom could go on all day. 

Freckles would be a much more descriptive name for Stacy. She has the cutest freckles in all of her white areas.  Her manners continue to improve, and she now gets an A+ for potty training.

Stacy is a sweet gentle girl who has thrived being part of her foster family… and is ready to join a furever family!