Starsky (now Thor)

Starsky (now Thor)

Starsky has been adopted! He writes: Here I am with my new dad. That’s right – I have been adopted!

My brother Hutch is still at the vet clinic because he had surgery, but we are hoping in a few days, he will get to join us on the farm. Yes, that’s right – we live on a farm with chickens, cows and, rumor has it, soon a pig will be joining us!

I am so happy, I could hardly sit still for pictures with my new dad. Next time you see me, I will be in pictures with my dads and Hutch. He is going to be so happy on the farm… I know I am! One of my dads works from home and I am a official assistant in the office. I even dragged my new bed in there, so I can be in his lap or in my bed.

Life is good and I can hardly wait until Hutch gets here. I sure have missed my brother!

Please welcome Starsky and Hutch to our rescue family. Starsky writes: I’m Starsky. He’s Hutch. And just like the famous guys on TV, we have the strongest bond. We are brothers, we have the same mom and dad and we have the same birthday. We are 6 months old and have spent our entire lives together. We joined a family together because they had always wanted a Bulldog, and then they decided they really wanted two. So at 8 weeks old, we left our mom and dad and moved in with our new family. And we started to grow, and chew, and run and jump and do everything Bulldog babies do. I think our family was overwhelmed. My brother Hutch started to have eye problems and what was supposed to be forever, turned into “what were we thinking?” So, here we are, Starsky and Hutch, joining rescue and looking for a fabulous Bulldog-loving family. Do you see us sitting in that man’s lap? He was at the vet’s office and we climbed right on up in his lap. His name is Darren. He was a really great guy. He let us lick his face and chew on his beard. He wanted us to sit on the floor, but we like laps best, so he held us. Doc says we are a little thin and we need to gain some weight. We also have some medical needs to address, but before long, we will be ready to find our forever family that lets Bulldog babies sit in laps and will love us forever.