Stella Ella (now Birdie)

Stella Ella (now Birdie)

Look at me! I have a new family of my very own.

I kept hearing Foster Mom and Pop whispering about adoption and a new family, but I could hardly let myself believe that it was about MY new family.

I now have a new fur brother, sister and a wonderful mom and dad who want to keep me forever! I mean, I really liked my foster family, but I wanted to be a permanent part of my very own family and today it happened.  

I had a bath and got all prettied up. Then we took a ride. When my new mom opened the door, she said, “Welcome home, Birdie!” 

My other name was Stella Ella, but that was the old me, not the new, improved me. New me, new name! I love it and love my new family. 

My new mom even knows how much I love to sit in her lap. I have her almost trained already! Gotta go… I need to teach them all about treats next!

I was super excited when by friend Leslie called and told me she had something for me because she gives the best gifts.  All I could think about was that I sure hoped it’s from James Avery. And then she said, “Well actually I am regifting something I was just given by the dishwasher repair guy.”  I was confused but being friends for years I knew I was going get something great!  And I did. Meet Stella Ella. And does she have a tale to tell.  

Hello everyone, Stella Ella here and I bet your thinking I should have joined rescue a long time ago!  Yep, probably so. Earlier this week I was super excited to leave the back yard and hop up in my dad’s work truck. That was a place I had never been.  And off we drove.  When we arrived at the home I got to get out and go inside.  It was heaven inside,  bulldogs like me lived there. But I must say, they were kinda older and kinda grumpy. I wanted to be friends—them not so much!  

And then I heard the strangest thing. My Dad said, “I know you love bulldogs, so I am giving you mine!” I was like “Thank you Jesus, this is paradise.” My new Mom was so happy because she had seen fleas on me and my lack of fur had started to make her cry.  She tried to get the flea collar off me, but I had worn it so long it was embedded in my neck. I had several baths and I am now flea free and proud to be!  

Now, here I am joining rescue and loving my new life.  Dr. Larsen kissed me all over; she just loves me to pieces. I am so happy that Leslie took me and helped me start my new life, and I could have stayed there forever if it had not been for those other grumpy girls.  Love Stella Ella age 1 year 5 months.

8/24/21 Update:  Did you know that it was hot outside? I had absolutely no idea.  You see, I am living the life here at my foster mom and pops. I can stay inside all day long. In my former life, I was tied up to a doghouse and had to stay outside. No more of that stuff for me! Now I can nap the day away on the couch. 

Don’t get me wrong… I love to play tug o’ war and play with all my toys too. I can be an active little girl. I love a good game, then a nice cool nap.  

I like to go for rides too! I sit in the front seat and can see everything.  There is so much to do.

Are you looking for an active, sweet as sugar little girl? Then I may be matched to you! I get along with my fur brothers and sisters, also the skin granddaughter, who is 11 years old. I don’t know about the babies because I have not met any yet. I am an active little girl and may bump into them in a big game of chase. I haven’t met any cats that I know of… we just have Bulldogs here at my house for now.  

If you are ready for a good looking, good time girl, I could be the one! I know I am going to find my forever mom and dad really fast.