Stitch (now Ollie)

Stitch (now Ollie)

Stitch found his forever family and is so excited to have a playmate! The Carmack family welcomed Stitch today and his new fur sister, Ivy, was so excited to see him and play.

Please welcome Stitch to our rescue family! He writes: I met some really nice people this week and I’ve been told that there is nothing but good things coming my way. To be honest, I’m ready for some good luck! 

I joined rescue with my housemate Trixie and we both have had a rough time lately. Our mom passed away a while back and some of her family inherited me, Trixie and one other Bulldog. Somewhere along the way, my third friend was lost. I am not sure how you lose a Bulldog, but that’s what happened. 

So, the fact that I made it to rescue is a miracle and from what I hear, this is the time of year for miracles. 

I don’t want to dwell on the past because that is behind me. I want to focus on my future.

In case you didn’t notice, I am a very handsome boy and estimated to be about 60 lbs of loveable puppy. I have lived with both pups and cats and love them all. 

I especially love the ladies and the rescue lady told me that feeling will soon pass. I’m not sure what that means, but I think I trust her. I’ll be headed to meet Dr. Larsen soon and once she helps with my skin issues and I get the loving feeling taken care of, I will be ready for my furever home.

1/10/22 Update:  Hello everyone, it has been a while since you heard from me.  I must wanted you to know that tomorrow is my big surgery day and I am kind of scared.  Seems like I will be leaving with less than I came with. Today I went to Mutt Puddle and had a spa day. That did make me feel a lot better being all nice and clean. Tomorrow is the last step for me before I start looking thru all the applications for me a forever family.  I am super excited about finding my forever home because I know they will love me and I will get to be part of a fabulous family forever. Love  Stitch

2/22/22 Update:  Stitch here at my new Foster home. I am a handsome, big boy & I love playing with my basketball toy! I’m learning toys are good to play with, not hands & feet… after all, at 18 months old I am still a puppy. I am learning the rules from my older foster sisters & working on “sitting”, waiting patiently for my food bowl & to not jump on my humans. If you’re looking for a big dose of puppy love I’m your man!

2/28/22 Update:  I’m a big, handsome puppy. I am so smart and take care of my business outside. I’ve learned how to sit and how to wait on my food bowl to be put down. I get along with all my fur housemates, including the house cat. She’s not a fan of me, though! I even enjoy watching the chickens. If you’re looking for a young, handsome, sweet boy, then I may be your man!

3/7/22 Update:  I am the best puppy ever (Foster Mom says so). I’m a big ol’ chunk of love! 

My days consist of chillin’ in the kitchen, laundry room, living room, etc… wherever the humans and other dogs are, is where you can find me. 

I love chewing on toys and suckling my blanket/pillow. I would love another young pup to play with… these “seasoned” ladies keep me in check and aren’t too interested in puppy play – but they put up with me kindly. 

I’m smart and quick to learn. I enjoy playtime and lots of rest time. I’m pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.  

I’m ready to find my forever family to grow up with and love.

3/14/22 Update:  My foster momma calls me Mr. Handsome and I am the best young guy ever! 

I love to eat, sleep and play, play, play! I have all the fun qualities of a puppy with just the right amount of energy and craziness. I would love another pup to play with or a family who will play throughout the day, then give me rest time. 

I have a very sweet disposition and I LOVE belly and booty scratches. My absolute favorite thing is laying in the kitchen watching Foster Momma and Foster Dad cook… I’m great at cleanup! If you want a handsome, young ball of fun in your life, I may be your perfect match. 

3/22/22 Update:  Stitch is amazing! The easiest puppy I’ve ever seen. He enjoys his naps and mealtimes, as Bulldogs do. He gets a couple bursts of puppy energy throughout the day. 

Stitch is learning what is appropriate to put in his mouth… toys, not shoes, rugs or hands. He is very gentle, but does need some redirection when his excitement gets the best of him. 

He would love another pup to play with! The senior ladies in his foster home aren’t the most active, playful girls. 

He’s scheduled to attend the first hour of the Bulldog Bonanza at The Shacks in The Colony on 3/26, so come out to say hello to this big, handsome boy!

3/30/22 Update:  Stitch had a great time meeting lots of people at yesterday’s Bulldog Bonanza! Mr. Popular is looking for his forever family. He would love someone to play with… fur or skin siblings! He’s a sweet, well-behaved boy. He’s working on controlling his puppy energy and redirecting it to toys or outside time now that the weather is great!