Yesterday started off extra special. Foster Dad made breakfast and gave us this special meat candy he called “bacon.” OMG… NOM, NOM, NOM! That was so good! Both Ellie Joy and I wanted more, but Foster Mum and Dad said they didn’t want to upset our tummies. Pffftttt… What do they know? We could have eaten a pound of that yummy goodness!
Then we saw Foster Dad putting stuff in his car and Foster Mum came up to us with harnesses and leashes. We thought, “That’s weird.” Foster Dad and Mum lifted us up and put us in the car. Foster Mum was sad and said she would always love us, and Foster Dad got in and drove off with us.
We were curious about where we were going and we were both so very nervous… so nervous that one of us kept letting out stinky air things. Ellie said it was me, but I swear it was her! I don’t think it matters ~ we were nervous and we couldn’t help it!
We finally pulled up to this house that we had never been to before. Foster Dad looked back and said we are here. We were confused. Where was “here?” As we walked up to the door, it opened up and we saw familiar faces. These were the same people we met last week. They were so nice and we loved the pats they gave. But why are we here?
We walked in and saw Linus and Harley Quinn. We remembered them also. They were so nice to us. We walked into the backyard to see what was there and…. “OMG, IS THAT A POOL?!” This place was awesome and we both said we wished we could stay here.
Then Foster Dad said it. We could stay here and this could be our new family.
We were like, “SHUT UP. Are you serious? Wait… these can be our new parents, and new brother and sister?” Ellie and I said, “OK, we’re in!”
So Foster Dad said goodbye and that we were in for a really good life. We told Foster Dad that we appreciated what he and Foster Mum did for us, but our new family did have a pool, so don’t blame us for wanting to stay here. Well, OK, Ellie Joy and I both got “adopted,” whatever that means. All we know is that this life is going to be amazing!

Born on December 28, 2013, Storm celebrated freedom today and she was happy to be free. Walking on the leash was a whole new thing for her and she was pretty sure it was a mistake!

Darting here and there, Storm found the grass unusual and the traffic noise a reason to run. Storm will soon realize that there is a lot of love waiting for this pint-sized Bulldog. She was named Storm, after the Marvel fictional superhero.

7/3/20 Update:  I’ve been at the vet clinic a few days now, and you should know, this is the best place I have ever been. Everyone has been so nice.

Dr. Larsen says I have a slight heart murmur, but nothing to be too worried about. She said it could be caused by heartworms! My test will be back tomorrow, but I sure hope I don’t have any of those nasty things crawling around inside me.

Can you believe someone said they should do something about my belly? Sure, my bits hang down and sway when I walk, but I told that lady I earned those and I was proud to let them be seen.

For now, I am just going to hang out at the vet clinic, get more spa treatments and have a little surgery. I’ll keep you posted!

8/2/20 Update: We have been working a lot with Storm to help her overcome her fears. She is basically scared of everything, but her kennel. It’s her safe place.

Each day, she has had small breakthroughs. She likes to come out at breakfast and dinner time to watch you make her food. She is now getting braver outside and will even venture out by herself through the doggy door.
You can tell that she wants so badly to join in, but her fear just holds her back. We have found that Storm will come to you when you sit on the floor to get some lovings. She is the sweetest little girl and we just know that with some time and love, she will blossom into the amazing little Bulldog she is meant to be.

8/10/20 Update:  Storm has really come out of her shell in the last few days. Her best friend foster girl Ellie Joy joined her in her foster home and she couldn’t be happier. We have even seen a little playful side start to come out. Storm Is such a good girl. She goes potty outside, loves her food and she really loves it when you sit on the floor to love on her.

We think Storm would do good in a home with other friendly dogs to help her to continue to come build her confidence. She is so amazing and it’s so beautiful to see her personality emerge.
8/18/20 Update:  Storm has made some more progress this week. Although she loves her safe kennel, she has also figured out it’s fun to hang out on the floor with foster mum and dad. We even sometimes get glimpses of a little silly side.
Storm and her BFF, foster girl Ellie Joy, have a meet-and-greet coming up in the next few weeks and if all goes well, they will be able to live together forever! Keep your paws crossed for them.