Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum has been adopted! She picked her daddy right off. She loves her fur brother, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumnus Moonshine! Her mommy and daddy will love her forever and take the best ever care of her. She is a happy girl! This is what it’s all about. Happy, happy, happy!

I’m one of Santa’s Six, formerly the Festive Five. I sure hope everyone notices me all dressed up, laying in the new bed and behaving like a beautiful lady. I LOVED the photo shoot. Matter of fact, I could have stayed dressed up, laying in the soft bed all day. But Dr. Larsen had plans for me in the afternoon, which included a surgery. So, as hard as it was, I got out of my clothes and out of the bed and went inside. Bah humbug! A beautiful lady like me should get to stay in bed all day!

12/26/19 Update:   I’m just a little girl and Foster Mom says I am just as sweet as can be! I don’t even mess in my crate. I’m so little that Foster Mom can swoop me up in her arms with no problem. I’m liking all the other Bulldogs at my foster house. They’ve been very nice to me. I like that. I am at the vet now to see what needs to be done, if anything. Foster Mom says I am just about perfect, so I don’t think I’ll need a face lift or anything. I hope you think I am perfect too. I really need a home that will love me. I like cookies and butt rubs. Those are necessary things.

12/31/19 Update:  I am called Sugar Plum, but my Foster PaPa says I need to be called Freckles! There are other Bulldogs to play with in my foster home and a big dog too! I get lots and lots of toys. Foster Ma even put me in some PJs. I’m pretty easy, so I don’t care. I get along with all the other dogs here. I’m not much trouble. Honest, I’m not. I’m looking for my forever family and hope it can be you. Get your application in early! I’ll be checking in again soon!

1/20/20 Update:  I hope to see you at our Bulldog Bonanza on Feb. 9 at Campisi’s in Rockwall! I want to give you a valentine smooch!

1/27/20 Update:   I can’t wait to find my perfect family. I am so excited! I like to hang out with my sidekick, Gomer. He plays with me all day. He lets me get the bone when we play tug-o-war and he’s nice about it. Foster mom says not everyone will let me take the bone out of their mouth, like Gomer does. I would love to have someone that will play nice with me. There are five other Bulldogs here and Foster Mom says I can’t be doing that with them! By the way, I am a little, sweet girl and I am housebroken already! I get to sleep in the bed, on the couch or in my own bed. It’s my choice. I get along with all the other dogs, too. Hope you put your application in today and maybe we’ll be matched together.

2/2/20 Update:  Foster girl Sugar Plum can’t wait to see everyone at our next Bulldog Bonanza! We’ll be at Campisi’s in Rockwall and she’ll have free kisses for everyone. She loves all people, dogs and children. Don’t forget to mark your calendar: Feb. 9 from 2 to 5 p.m.