Usually Mondays stink, but not this one! You see, yesterday I found my very own family! There are no other furry bulldogs here (which is just fine with me!), but my new parents are Georgia Bulldogs and my new skin brother is a Citadel Bulldog. They also said I have a skin brother who is a ‘Tide.’ I’m not sure what all of that means, I just feel like a Lucky Bulldog! 

Thank you to everyone at LSBCR for helping me find my furever!

Sullivan here, and there and everywhere!  After all, I am 9 months old and my dream was to be a ladies man.  

Plain and simple. I love the ladies.  All sizes, all ages, if I see a lady I am her man. But, there are a few problems with being a ladies man. Not all women want a man, and some women already have a man. More than once I found myself in big trouble with my advances. On the farm where I lived there were some bulldogs bigger than me and they seemed to have staked their claim to the farm. All I really wanted to do was be a “helper.” Turns out no one wanted me to help.  

I weight 73lbs and more than once I have heard “Sullivan you need a course in manners training.” You should be able to walk on a leash, sit for a treat and understand “No” means “No.”  

But let me tell you my mom Loved me!  I have always been her baby.  I came from the hospital in the front seat of her car and she treated me like a king. Some may think she made me rotten, but she just called it a good spoiling.  A couple weeks ago we had a heart to heart talk. My mom knew I needed a family and the life on the farm was just not for me. With a hundred tears we said our good-byes and I left the farm life behind. 

Soon Dr. Larsen will help me loose that “loving feeling” for the ladies and I will be looking for a couch and a TV, a family that has lot’s of time for me, and someone that knows about manners and can help me.  

I am 73lbs of pure bulldog, my name is Sullivan and some women really did love me!

9/13/21 Update:  Howdy beautiful people and bully’s!

Sullivan here to share my journey. I have been with my fosters for almost a week. It’s been a slow transition, Ive had some anxiety and had a few accidents in the house,  but I’m confident I will get the hang of asking to be let out to do my business. This week I have learned to high five for treats and I’m practicing walking in a straight line. Slow and steady!  Foster mom had to invest in a tactical vest for me because I’m 73 pounds muscle. More to come…

9/27/21 Update:  Sullivan here to give an update. I have adjusted well with my fosters, I’m learning all my house manners and happy to say there has been 0 accidents in the house. My favorite thing so far is going out for my early morning and late evening walks. As soon as I see my vest I jump up and down in excitement! I love all kinds of people and I really enjoy playing with other dogs as well.

Foster mom has captured my recent modeling skills, I call this, “sexy leg”

12/8/21 Update:  Life is great! I have been hanging out, learning some Bulldog manners, eating some great food and enjoying my life.

One of the things I have learned? That not all small dogs are weak. And I learned the hard way. 

A French Bulldog resides in my foster home and she weighs about 20 lbs, and I probably weigh about 75 lbs. I thought I was going to bully her and pick a fight. Little did I know, she can be as mean as a snake. And she unleashed that snake on me. (Her stare can peel the bark off a tree. I mean it.) Before I knew it, she jumped on my face and made this grown Bulldog cry.  

Ever since that day, I have gotten along with every dog in the house. I avoid her like the plague, though.  

My favorite thing to do is run the fence and bark at the squirels. I have loved the fall weather and if I had my way, I would sit outside and watch the leaves as they blow across the yard all day long.  

I have learned to walk on a leash because it seemed like the right thing to do. I still bark in a crate sometimes because right beside you is where I want to be.

My forever family will understand I am still a baby. A big one, but I am a baby. They will understand I might still have an accident in the house. But, for the most part, if you let me out the door, I know the bathroom is outside. 

If you have small kids, I am going to knock them down, so they need to be able to hop back up.  

I am really a gentle giant, a super-sized Bulldog. If you adopt me, you will have a best friend forever. I’m really the cutest elf in the workshop. 

1/27/22 Update:  Sullivan here! So Foster Mom has this thing called goals for 2022. Apparently, one of them involves sitting on the couch with coffee and a book in the morning. I walked up and asked what she was doing and she invited me on the couch. I thought that meant playtime! I am just a year old after all. Well, she informed me that it’s quiet time with some scratches. Hmmm. Ok, fine, I’ll lay here…for a minute…are you done yet??? My 2022 goals are more playtime and finding my furever family!

2/2/22 Update:  Have I mentioned that I’m still a puppy? I love all of my humans and want to play with them ALL the time. Second best are toys! I have lots of them here and love to chew on them, carry them from room to room, and make them squeak. 

I did get to relax a bit this weekend outside with my first bonfire. There were a lot of people here and I loved on everyone of them! If you are looking for a playmate with lots of energy and love, I may be your guy. Get your application to adopt a Bulldog today!

2/16/22 Update:  Sorry I haven’t written, but Foster Mom and Brother went on a thing called a college tour last week. I got to hang with Foster Dad! We watched a lot of Olympics, wrestled and played outside. 

When Foster Mom got home, she must have felt guilty because she brought me a bunch of new chew toys. I heard them say something about, “So he won’t chew on other things,” but I’m not sure what they mean. 

They are so happy with my potty habits. I go outside every single time! 

I am getting used to sleeping in my crate, even though I’d much rather be with you. 

I am looking for an active family who can give me lots of attention, some training and exercise because I’m just about 15 months old. 

I’m going to throw in a Tongue Out Tuesday pic, as well.

2/22/22 Update:  What an amazing weekend we had here in Dallas! Foster brother took all of the covers off the patio furniture and showed me the best seat in the house. Well, at least, he says it is. The jury is still out for me. You see, the seat moves! He calls it a swing. I’m not sure if I’m a swinging Bulldog or not. But as long as the sun is shining and he’s sitting here with me, I’m going to give it a shot!