Sumo Joe

Sumo Joe

I’ve got some most excellent news!  

It was just a few weeks ago that Foster Ma mailed my letter to Santa Paws wishing for a family who would love me just they way I am…. a family who didn’t mind a few “maintenance” issues. I also hoped they would have another furkid that would like to play Bulldog games with me. I admit, I like a good rowdy game of Bulldog WWF!  

When Foster Ma told me that I was going to meet a family who wanted to adopt me, I was jumping for joy. Then she said, “Sumo Joe, they don’t have another Bulldog to play with you.” I said, “It’s OK, Foster Ma, as long as they love me just the way I am.” 

To my surprise, they didn’t have a Bulldog for me to play with, but a big ol’ chocolate Lab named Tucker! And boy did Tucker and I hit it off. We ran, we jumped and we wrestled, and I was so filled with joy! We played until our tongues were hanging to our knees and the parents made us go inside to settle down.  

Foster Ma again filled them in on my maintenance issues. To my delight, despite everything she told them, they said, “YES! We want to adopt him!”  

I’m so happy to have a mom, dad, two skin brothers and my new buddy, Tucker! He isn’t a Bulldog, but we are gonna be best buds. Sometimes you don’t get exactly what you wish for, but sometimes what you get is even better! 


Itch, itch here, itch, itch there, everywhere an itch, itch. That is the story of my life of late.

My name is Sumo Joe and today I joined rescue because my parents and their vet did not know what else to do. It was a teary farewell for all of us. I have always been loved. But they knew, and I knew, something had to be done. I was miserable.

So today I met Dr. Larsen and her staff. She looked at me and just shook her head. They all gave me a big hug and promised today was the beginning of an itch-free life. They said it may take them a while to figure it out and they may even take me to a skin specialist. But they all promised much-needed relief. I can hardly wait.

In the meantime I will just try to chill and stop scratching. They will give me some special baths and try some new medicine. I know it will work! So give me a few weeks and see the change. I turned three years old last week. This will be a great start for my new year. I will soon be looking for a special family with whom I can spend all my years.

9/27/21 Update:   Howdy Bulldog Lovers!  It’s me, Sumo Joe reporting in from my Foster Home.  One day two weeks ago I was sitting in the nice Doc Lady’s lap and she told me that I was leaving the clinic to go to my Foster Home.  I was very sad because I like sitting in her lap and getting hugs and kisses.  She didn’t even mind that I smelled bad!  But when you have skin and yeast infections from head to toe, it doesn’t matter how many baths I got, I was still smelly!  I was worried that my foster home would not want me cause I was so stinky.  Boy, I am so happy to report I was so wrong!  Like that nice Doc Lady, my Foster Ma didn’t care how stinky I was and gave me lots of hugs and kisses!  Then she told me not to worry cause she was going to feed me some really good food and pretty soon, I would stink no more.  And you know, she was RIGHT!  After two weeks on yummy nutritious food and several medicated baths…I don’t stink!  Even better, I DON’T ITCH ANYMORE!  My skin is no longer red and hot and my fur is now silky soft.  Foster Ma says I feel like a velvet pillow.  Maybe that is why she is always hugging on me!

So now that I am all fixed up… are some things Foster Ma wants me to tell my future Furever Family.  For one thing, I am a VERY good boy.  I don’t get into mischief and I don’t chew on things that are not mine.  I have NEVER had an accident in the house.  I don’t mark things either.  Not even outside.  I don’t want to waste valuable play time walking from one blade of grass to the next marking territory.  I LOVE other dogs and all I want to do is play chase and tumble with them.  As a matter of fact, we have a “boys only” club here.  Me and my Foster Bros love to run, chase and jump around.  We like to get in a few good body slams too.  It’s a big time around here and with the cooler weather I am loving playing with the other dudes here.  Me and my Foster Bro Herkooles are pretty tight.  We really do look like brothers being we are both super good looking brindle dudes.

I do have just one little thing to be aware of.  My room (crate) is my room!  I don’t care for other dogs coming into my room.  I keep my bones in there and I can be just a little protective of my room.  Foster Ma has figured out that if I am not in the crate, just keep the door closed so no one else can go in there.  If I am in my room, just throw a sheet over it so the other dogs don’t bother me while I am relaxing and chewing my bones.
I would like to find a home that has a buddy that would like to play chase and jump around with me.  That would be awesome.  When playtime is over, I just want to love and snuggle on the couch and watch some TV.
Are you looking for Brindle yumminess?  A really cool dude with a super cute underbight???  I am your dude!!!
10/25/21 Update:  I was not having a good Saturday at all. Foster Ma said that after dinner, I have to have a bath. WHAT? It’s Saturday! We don’t get baths on Saturday. Saturday is play day!


I gave her a look that clearly asked why I was being singled out. There are four other pups in this house that need a bath more than I do!

But then she said to me, “Sumo Joe, you have to get gussied up for the Pizza Paw-ty tomorrow! You’re going to see and play with lots of other Bulldogs and meet lots of new people who may want to adopt you and be your furever family!”

Well, I tell you this, I heard pizza and furever family and now I’m ready for my bath and spa treatment to look my absolute best!

Come out to Campisi’s in Fort Worth tomorrow and meet me, Sumo Joe!  You don’t want to miss out on kissing this face.