Suri (now Bella)

Suri (now Bella)

Bella (formerly known as Suri) has found her much deserved happily furever after! She not only has her very own furever mom and dad, but also her very own fur sister, Lucky. The meet-and-greet was magical! It’s like Bella and Lucky were made for one another. These girls will continue to grow and blossom together. There’s no doubt they’re going to live their best life!

Suri here! See that big smile on my face? It’s because I am really really happy! Yesterday when my sister Scarlet and I joined rescue we hopped in the SUV and we never looked back. We were ready to go, ready to start eating 3 meals a day and ready to experience everything life had to offer.  Energy? Yes I have a lot of that. It was really hard for me to sit still for some pictures because all I wanted to do was run, and run was just what I did. I explored every inch of the clinic inside and out. My sister and I loved it. Scarlet and I are 2 years old. We have never met a stranger and we love everyone.  We are excited for the future, for families of our own and to be someone’s everything. So stay tuned for our updates. My name is Suri and I have the white face, Scarlet has the tan face!

2/27/20 Update:  Suri is 2 years old and everything you would think a 2 year old puppy would be, but more. She’s never met a stranger (person or dog) and she’s beautiful, fun, happy and has energy out the WAZOO!

She came into rescue with her sister, Scarlet. At this age, all puppies love to chew toys. They like to explore the house, find your most precious treasures, then chew them into destruction, while laying on your new comforter. After you told them to stay off the bed.

Well, Suri and her sister are like that too, but they take it a little farther. They specialize in electrical wires, chair legs, doors, wall molding and sheet rock. You see where I’m going here. Sweet, beautiful girls, but not a manner to be found. YET.

While out in the backyard of the vet clinic they even tried to disassemble the A/C unit. GOOD GRIEF! These girls should have been named Thelma and Louise. Now that they are with us, all I can say is MANNERS TRAINING IS IN SESSION!

Normally, when the Bulldogs come in, I get to hug, kiss, play and gush over them. And basically, act like a fool. But not with Suri. I wasn’t supposed to over-excite her. The vet tech had to handle her. That’s because they are training her to slow down and practice her manners. The only way she would sit still for us was to have her handler sit with her. It was hard for me to not rub Suri’s ears, but I had to do what was best for her. When she learns to be calm and listen, she will be a happy dog with a happy family.

The handler was so sweet to Suri. She spoke softly and calmly to her. After we finished, I got to hug and kiss Suri, but not before she was allowed to get in my lap and lick my face from the chin to the forehead. It was the best kiss I’ve had in a long time.

Suri is a GREAT GIRL! She’s sweet, smart, energetic, loving and playful! She’s young and is still learning her manners. By the time she’s ready for her forever family, she will be a little Princess, just as her name means in Hebrew. She may even hold out her pinky when she drinks from her water bowl. Never say never!