Susie Q (now Lucy)

Susie Q (now Lucy)

Susie Q has been adopted! This sweet, little, pint-sized girl has left to go live the life she was meant to have. She has gone from being left on the side of the road, on a very cold morning in a crate, to riding in the front seat with her forever family on her way to her new life. She will have two skin brothers and fur brother named George. Saying we are happy for her is an understatement. This is what makes fostering so rewarding and the one of the best parts of my life. God bless you guys and I hope you enjoy Susie Q as much as we have.

Please welcome Susie Q to our rescue family! Explain to us why someone would take such a beautiful, young girl and dump her, still in her crate, on the side of the road on a 40 degree day. Never mind! There is no explanation.

Here is what we do know about Susie Q. Yes, that one from the CCR hit, “Oh, Susie Q, baby I love you, Susie Q.” That’s exactly how I feel about this girl! She is 2 years old and weighs 34 pounds. She has what appears to be a C-section scar and it looks like she has spent her life outside and on concrete. She was covered with fleas and ticks, has pyoderma and has bare spots all over. The bald spots are the result of a yeast infection run amuck.

But I also know she is the sweetest girl. You just want to hold her in your lap forever and squeeze those chubby cheeks. It won’t be long until she is in her forever home and some lucky person will be doing those very things to her.

4/30/18 Update:  Oh Susie Q! This girl is a mess, a ham, a snuggle bug, and the list could go on and on. Susie might be 2, but she acts like a puppy still. She runs everywhere she goes and boy can this girl jump! Her skin and allergies are still a work in progress, but she is handling baths like a pro. She does great in her crate during the day and at night. We are working on potty training though. She gets wound up and forgets what we were outside doing. We have had a few accidents, but she knows to go outside. She is great with the mini human, although she does get a little rough with him. All in all, she is a fav, and she will make a great active household the best friend they ever wanted!

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