Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Merry Christmas, Sweet Pea, and many happy years in your future. Sweet Pea has been adopted! She found her furever family and they understand that she needs plenty of lap time. Pretty little Sweet Pea could feel the love, so she got in the car and away they went to her furever home. What a Christmas present!

Hello everyone, it’s me Sweet Pea joining rescue, looking for a sofa, some treats and a brand new dog bed just for me! Oh, and you might see someone else in the picture. That’s my baby Deuce who came with me.  Today when I was packing up my things Deuce came flying out the door, jumped over me, and made it to the car first.  Seriously, I was like “are you kidding me?” If Deuce was not my favorite baby I would have walked him back into the house.  Deuce has always been smaller than his brothers and sisters, but has always had the biggest appetite,  started crawling first, and barked the loudest.  And Deuce was always my favorite.  Enough about Deuce, now about me!  I am 3 years old. I thought having puppies was going to be fun. But then I decided puppies were not for me.  Puppies, cried and ate and then cried some more. I thought long and hard about leaving my family and finding a new family but I was ready for some adventures and I felt like rescue was the place for me, and for Deuce. We are going to see Dr. Larsen and she is going to just love me and Deuce. So, I will be reporting to everyone after Dr. Larsen sees Deuce.  Hopefully she can figure out why Deuce is so small, and why I am so beautiful.

10/25/19 Update:  It’s like a spa at Dr. Larsen’s. I’ve gotten a bath, pedicure and exam. They sure are nice here. I feel so special! I’ve never had this much attention in my whole life. Well, here’s how I came to be with these loving people. I have been a mom much of my short life. It was fine for a while. I loved my babies and I was a good mom.

One day a man and woman came to see my babies. They said they were “Empty Nesters.” Their children were all out of the house and they were starting a new life. I looked at my babies and thought after you sweet things that’s what mama’s going to do. The problem was, one of my babies wasn’t well. I couldn’t leave him behind. I called Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and asked if Deuce could come with me. They said of course he can. So, I packed his bag and off we went. You will be hearing about my Deuce in the future, after he’s rested from his trip.

Now about me! I am about 3 years old. I’m a medium-sized girl. Not too big, not too small. Just right!

They tell me I have a sweet face to match my sweet nature. I have a lot to learn about playing and being free spirited, but that’s what I’m here for. My undercarriage is a little long and floppy, but I can live with that. That’s from loving so many babies. It comes with the territory of being a mom.

I have found I love to sit in laps, I like to walk outside and the cool thing is I get to go anywhere I want to out there. People love on me and say sweet things to me. That’s the best! They let me see Deuce, but they do the care for him. I beginning to like this “all about me” thing.
I’ll be moving to my foster family soon and they will teach me more about what a family is all about. I’ll then be ready to have my very own. Wow, my very own family. Just a week ago, it was only a dream. Now it’s going to be my life! Talk to you soon!  Living the dream,  Sweet Pea

11/15/29 Update:   I’ve transformed into a lap baby and boy, do I love the change! I’m a tiny girl, so I fit nicely on a lap, and I give a lot of grateful kisses. At 3 years old with little worldly experience, I’m still a bit of a baby myself. I love all of the permanent resident Bulldogs, and I love to watch what they do. In fact, I’m quite a watcher. I follow foster mom around and watch her do everything. It’s fun being outdoors and watching the world go by through the wrought iron gate. I’m learning a lot. I love to try new foods. I’ve tasted apples, peanut butter, pumpkin and more. Some of the senior girls here need daily eye drops, deep face wrinkles and/or deep tail pockets cleaned. I’m lucky to not have any of these issues. In fact, I’m almost perfect and certainly the prettiest of the bunch. I’m looking for a family that wants a pretty little lap girl forever.