Hi All,
I’m a young whippersnapper of a girl as my age is a little over 2yrs old. I need a home where I can be with my people as often as possible and for me that would be 24/7.  I’m not really sure what 24/7 means, but that is what my foster mom told me would make me the happiest.

I was picked up as a stray and taken to an animal shelter.  I was adopted out to a family, but they had to return me to the animal shelter because I was overprotective of their young child and would fight the other dogs if they came too close to the child.  The smart people at the animal shelter let me go to the good folks at  Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue because they knew I would be treated for my heart worms and I would be in a foster home until my furever family came for me.

I am a sweet girl who loves all the men who come into my foster home.  I follow them everywhere.  There are three other bullies who live here, all girls, and I get along with them just fine.  I can’t play with any of them since I am being treated for the heart worms so I have to be on ‘kennel rest’ and I hate being on kennel rest as I want to play with the other bullies and they want to play with me.  I have a few more weeks until I am off of this kennel rest but then my foster mom told me I have to go see the vet again for a spaying.  I don’t care what it is as long as I can play when I get back to my foster home!

I’m learning the routine around here, such as, it isn’t good to do my ‘business’ in the house. I don’t always go outside to do my business, but I am working on that.  I like being inside so much more than I do outside that I have to be coaxed outside most of the time.  My foster mom actually tricks me sometimes to get me outside.  I think she should be ashamed of herself sometimes for that, but she told me it was because she doesn’t want to clean up my business!! I will whine and cry if you don’t let me back inside in what I consider a timely manner.  That could be a matter of two seconds, but it’s because I LOVE my people and I want to be with them ALL the time.  My foster mom told me it was OK for me to be a little unsure of myself and my surroundings because I have gone through a lot for being such a young bully.  She hopes that given time and love with my “furever” family that I can overcome my anxiety that I’m going to be left alone to care for myself again.  I was very, very scared when I first came to my foster home, but I’ve relaxed a lot and as long as I can see my foster mom and dad I will lay down and just watch the action around me.

So, I need a furever family that can spend lots of time with me, and can play with me, and will be patient with me as I learn how to be the best bully I can be!!  I just want to be loved and give you lots of love and loyalty in return.
Bully Smooches – Sydney