Tank has been adopted! From his foster pops: After 200 days in rescue, Tank has found his forever family! Tank has a new fur brother and fur sister, and he will be given all the love and attention he can handle by his new mom and dad.

Tank was such an amazing foster. He brings so much life and energy into every room he walks into, and we enjoyed every moment he was with us. We are so happy he found his perfect family who will love him just as much as we do.

Please welcome Tank to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue! He writes: Well, here I am in Bulldog rescue. Not exactly where I thought I would end up. But so far, it has been a big improvement. My old family said I was too old and slow, that I couldn’t see or hear very well anymore, and that my hips were a little stiff so I couldn’t run and play. But, hey I am 7, and the reason I have a hard time seeing is that I have had ulcers on both eyes for a while, and I have cherry eyes that cover half my eyes. And besides that, there was a thick film of goo on my eyeballs. How is a guy supposed to see with all that? But my eyesight is already better since this nice man picked me up and washed that goo out of my eyes. I have a hard time hearing because my ears are filled with dirt and I cannot remember the last time they were cleaned. So now, I am at the vet’s office getting lots of loving! There are even dogs here older that me that I can hang out with. They said I will have surgery to remove those big cherry things in my eyes, and that with some medicine, my eyesight will get better. I need to get my ears cleaned as well, and some skin issues cleared up too.

Then I will be ready to find a new family that appreciates a fine older gentlemen like myself. I have lots of time and energy left and will be like a new dog when all this stuff gets fixed. I would love to come to your house and show you the new me!

8/15/17 Update:  Tank is a high energy bulldog who loves to be around people, play with other dogs, and even entertain himself with some toys. The first couple days we had him, he marked everywhere around the house; he was however fresh off his neuter. Since then, he hasn’t had any accidents in his crate nor around the house. We are confident in saying he is house trained and crate trained. Tank is eager to please, and is looking for an active furever family who will give him the love and attention he craves.

9/4/17 Update:  Tank is fantastic! He would be a great family dog. He loves everyone and everything. He is at your side wherever you go. Tank has plenty of energy and loves to play, but also naps with the best of them.

9/18/17 Update:  Tank doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. His goal in life is to be best friends with everyone! Tank is fully house trained and crate trained. He would make a great addition to any family. Looking for a best friend? Tank is your guy! Tank is full of love and ready to be adopted.

10/8/17 Update:  Tank is doing so well! He wants nothing more than to be your best friend. Tank loves to play, and gets along with all dogs. He is fully house trained and does great in a crate. Tank will be by your side at all times. Do you need to go into the kitchen for a snack? Tank will go with you to be sure you get there safely. Tank will be your shadow. Tank is looking for his furever family and is ready for adoption!

Tank will be at Bar 2909 on Sunday, if you would like to meet him in person.

1/21/18 Update:  Tank has recently discovered he is a lap dog. He now insists on getting on the couch with us as much as possible for some quality lap time, and we’re okay with that.

Tank may be 7 years old, but he thinks and acts like he’s 2. He has plenty of energy to keep up with everyone. We like to call him our Security Detail; whenever someone gets up to go to another room, Tank quickly jumps up and runs ahead to make sure there aren’t any threats, then turns around and says “All clear.”

Tank has been so loyal during his stay in his foster home. He is such a fun dog to have around, and would make a great addition to any family.