Tank Austin

Tank Austin

Tank Austin found his perfect family and is now in his furever home.

Bulldog people everywhere are going to just love me. Can you believe I got this fabulous in just four years? That’s right ~ it only took me four years to grow into this amazing Bulldog! And before you start to comment that you think I might have grown a little too wide…. stop yourself right there. I am happy to be this size. I always put on a little extra “fluff” in the fall just in case there is a dog food shortage. Also, with a little extra padding, I won’t get hurt if I fall down. It’s a win/win for me.

My family was really sad when I decided to pack my three beds, my bag of toys and my sack of dog food and hit the trail. But some things had changed. They had added a baby to the family and that baby was not in my plans. A baby? Trying to crawl and pull on me so he could stand? That made me one mad Tank. After all, I had been the baby for 4 years. Enough was enough and I was ready to go. Go to a home that does not have small kids. A home where, if I jump up, someone doesn’t fall down. A home where “Stop Tank” is not my first name.

I would also like to be the only thing with fur in the family. I had two other bulldogs in my family, and I got tired of them too.

So, if you are looking for one fantastic fella, and you don’t have small kids, and you like thick… I might be the Bulldog for you. I called Dr. Larsen and she said, “Come on over here, Tank, and sit in my lap. I love thick Bulldogs just like you!”

4/13/21 Update: Tank Austin is adjusting to his foster digs. He’s been brushing up on his napping skills. He actually passed out mid-play and took a nap with the toy in his mouth.

Tank Austin is doing great today. We got him some doggy lotion to help with the itchy dry skin. His skin looks better already. Today, we decided to see how he does on a leash. He does great.

From Tank Austin: Look how good I walk beside my people. Of course, she keeps changing directions. I’ll get her trained soon.

Foster Mom seems to really like it when I sit when we stop. I think she just knows I need to be sitting when I eat, so I don’t accidentally inhale my food.

Now I’m exhausted. Training my humans is hard work.

Foster boy Tank Austin can be considered a “splatter.” He can sleep with his front legs behind him, almost looking like a seal. 🙂 Do you have a splatter too?

4/20/21 Update:  Tank has a new toy! He LOOOOVES stuffed animals, so he has to prance through the house with his Lamb Chop!! This guy is such a ham.  We’ve had Tank Austin for a week now and have learned quite a bit about this handsome guy.

First, Tank is the sweetest guy, your typical Bulldog. He wants to be near someone all the time. He doesn’t need to be touched or want to cuddle, but he never turns down a back rub or back scratch.
Second, Tank is not a huge fan of the outdoors. He will do his business and run back in as quickly as possible.
Third, Tank has some separation anxiety. He does not become destructive, thank goodness, but he bays like a coonhound who has treed a raccoon when left alone!
Tank has the best happy dance you will ever see! It is so much fun to watch him dance when he greets you with so much joy.
The hair on his back is starting to grow in nicely and evenly. In a few weeks, it should be full. We are hoping some of the flank will start to come in eventually.


4/26/21 Update:  Today was a lazy day for all of us! Tank had a hard time deciding where to get comfortable for the perfect nap. He is such a good Bulldog. He loves meeting and playing with all the neighborhood children during our walks.