Tank Sheridan

Tank Sheridan

Great news for our sweet boy Tank Sheridan: he’s found his forever family and is gaining two brothers, Dozer and Goofy! This sweet, playful Bulldog will have a playmate with Goofy, a 3-year-old Boxer, and a snuggle buddy with Dozer, an older, wiser American Bulldog. His new parents say Tank’s figured out the doggy door after one try and he’s busy exploring his new big yard.

Hello friends it’s me Tank Sheridan joining rescue.  And to be honest, I did not see that coming. I had a family and a home and I thought things were great,  but boy was I wrong.  The lady in the house got new furniture and she told me I was moving outside!  What, I was moving outside, like to live?  And sure, enough she was talking to me and about me. 

I thought to myself outside is no where I wanted to be.  Summers in Texas are hot and winters are cold.  And there are bugs out back and I don’t like bugs either. I have always been such a good bulldog,  I potty outside and I like out dogs. I have been known to hump a person now and then, but with a trip to Dr. Larsen’s, she has promised to take care of “that loving feeling.”  

I cried last night in my crate at the strange lady’s house because I didn’t know her. But this morning, I have been better. I am 1 year old. I am an indoor bulldog. I like to walk around outside, but that is not where I want to live. I love people and other dogs but I am not sure about cats yet.  Cats might be for chasing, but we will see. I have a great face and I LOVE to eat! Send in an application just for me!

2/4/21 Update:  I spent part of the day playing frisbee with Foster Mom. Basically, she threw it, I ran to it and then waited for her to come get it. She got pretty bored of this game quickly. The sunshine was good for us both though. I love to play outside.

Then I got to spend part of the evening with Foster Dad watching TV, while ON the furniture! I am happy to report that I didn’t make one mess! Foster Mom says that’s why we have blankets.

2/8/21 Update:  Big Tank Sheridan seems to think he’s the size of a French Bulldog these days. He loves to sit in dad’s lap!

2/14/21 Update:   Tank Sheridan wishes you all a happy Valentine’s Day! He loves, loves the snow. I couldn’t get that crazy dude to come back in the house! Hope y’all all stay warm and safe!

2/24/21 Update:  Tank Sheridan is still looking for his perfect furever family. He knows they’re out there and ready to make his heart whole!

3/8/21 Update:   Don’t let my big size fool you. I’m really just a big, sweetheart! I have a blast playing with my foster sisters, even though they are quite a bit smaller than me. Then, I love to snuggle next to my humans on the couch. I’m really good at taking my potty breaks outside and I’ve been told I have excellent house manners. Sometimes, I get excited when I see my human sister’s plush toys, but I’ve been told those are not for me. I enjoy chew toys and rope toys instead! My foster family tells me I’m as soft as a teddy bear and I enjoy a good scratch behind the ears.