Bulldog friends, today is the happiest day of my life! 

You know, I thought my happiest day was when I hopped on rescue transport wagon. Then, I thought the happiest day was when I joined rescue… I thought those were the best days of my life, but you know what? Those don’t hold a candle to today. Today is my adoption day!  

I really think I am the luckiest Bulldog in the world. Did you see the pics of me with my new family? 

My new mom and dad are Margie and Aaron, my Bulldog brother is Ziggy, my sister is Giget and the tall brown dog with a tail is Jackson. We are what is called a “blended family.” We all came from different places, we are all different ages, but we fit together like a puzzle!

I must say it was love at first sight for me. My new parents got down on the floor and they let me sit in their laps. If there is a Bulldog heaven, I found it. I have waited for this family all my life. 

They drove nine hours today just to meet me. I was nervous. I wanted them to love me. And you know what? They loved me.  They held me, played with me and told about my new home. 

Ya’ll, today I have a new home… a home with love and laughter and I have my very own family. It’s a long way from living on the streets. Thank you, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, for rescuing me and finding me my perfect family.

I joined rescue two weeks ago. I was in really bad shape, so I’ve been lounging around, gaining some weight. 

In the town where I lived, I just roamed around. Everyone who saw me said I sure needed to gain some weight. I was not the only one roaming around and it was hard for everyone to get fed. More often than not, I went hungry. To this day, if I had the chance to eat the entire bag of dog food, I would, but the foster lady won’t let me. 

I get a lot of meals throughout the day, so I don’t get sick. Even after I get plenty of food, I feel the need to look for more. I counter surf and turn over the trash, just hoping I can have a bit more.

I’ve had a few baths and ate a pill to evict  my fleas and ticks. Now, I’m waiting on a little surgery for my eyes and a surgery to help me lose that loving feeling. 

I’m enrolled in Manners 101, so I can take a treat nicely and not a finger or two. I don’t mean any harm. If you’ve ever been really hungry for a really long time, then you’d know. It will take me a bit to learn I will never, ever go hungry again and I will never have to roam around town, begging to be fed.  

I’m still really young ~ I think I just celebrated my first birthday. Before you know it, you’ll see me with a new family!