Tillie Sue

Tillie Sue

They picked me!! They picked me!!! I am taking my blankie and leaving for my forever home. I have a wonderful family that is going to love me forever. They will take good care of me and give me lots of attention. Love, Tillie    From her foster momma: She has a wonderful family that will love her forever. She will be spoiled, like she deserves to be.

As the rain falls, so do the tears… those aren’t tears from a sad story of neglect or abuse, but tears from a story of a lifetime of love and a hard-to-say goodbye.

My name is Gertrude. My family called me ‘Gertie.’ I am 8 years old and have lived with my family since I was a puppy. They love me and I love them. They also love my daughter, Matilda, we call her Tillie for short. Tillie is just 5 years old and has been with me and our family since I had her. But, today we had to say goodbye to our family. Our daddy cried and it made us sad. He loves us, but he knows that as his job takes him overseas, there is no way for us Bulldogs to join the family. Our hearts are a little broken, but we promised Dad we would be strong and make him proud and would be SO GOOD for our new family. We hope our new family will love us both and will let us stay together forever. We have never been apart and that would just be too much to bear. Here is a little more about us:

Matilda ‘Tillie-Sue’
I am 5 years old, born July 29, 2013.
I am a bindle and white cutie pie. I’m a very happy girl, and a smile and wiggly tail to match. I’m active, loving, playful, have a mean stink-eye and I love-love-love little humans… kids are just so cute! My favorite game to play is a little tug-of-war with a rope toy. My favorite word is “Treat”… one of my least favorite words is ‘Stay’ (I’ve decided I don’t really like to listen to that one. It is super boring!).

Well, we are both off to the doctor’s office tomorrow to get checked out, then we will be looking forward to meeting our future foster family and eventually our new forever family.

10/10/18 Update:  Tillie checking in. We went to the Pumpkin Patch today for pictures! Hope you like my pictures! You are welcome to fill out an adoption application for me! I am good. I am sweet! I am perfectly housebroken. I have learned to use a doggie door. Foster Mom has never ever put me in a crate. I don’t chew up anything. I am really good. My Mom Gertie stayed at home today to practice her Cross Fit exercises on the couch. She said she might go later for pictures.