So many tears were shed by this foster mom, as I was sad to see this perfect boy leave. 

His new dad, Mark, is fantastic and these two are going to have a wonderful life. We can watch it unfold on his brand new Instagram page, “TheBicoastalLifeofTitus.” 

Titus and his dad will spend summers in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and winters in Rockport, Texas! They also will have RV road trip adventures in between. Living the Bulldog dream!

Hello friends it’s me Titus and I have joined rescue.

Last week was the worst week of my life. Last week my family took me to a strange vet and told them to put me to sleep. That’s right, last week could have been the last week of my life!  The only thing wrong with me is I don’t like other things with fur. I never thought that was reason enough for me to die but I guess they did.

Lucky for me the vet told my family that he did not believe in euthanizing a healthy animal so they signed ownership over to the clinic. And I became a huge fan on that man and the clinic staff.  Everyone just shook their head and hugged my neck and told me they loved me. And they understood that not liking other dogs was not a crime punishable by death. They told me that out there was a family who would only want 1 bulldog, and it would be me. 

I have moved in with a foster family and it’s been fabulous. No one there tries to make me get along with anyone. They go outside, come in, then I go outside. Simple as that. There is no fighting in the house so nothing to break up.

My perfect family will understand for some reason I don’t want any fur friends. I want to be the only one with fur. My manners are fabulous. I walk great on a leash and I love to walk.  I am neutered, but not current on vaccinations yet. I love people and great with kids. I am crate trained, run to the door to go outside, and sit nice for treats. I am smart, extremely cute and the ladies love me. I heard one guy whisper to his friend “look at that bulldog, that’s a chick magnet right there!”  I had to turn around to see who they was talking about. It was me. Can you believe that; me a chick magnet? 

They made me realize that I would find love and I would find a family to love just me. I am 4 years old, my name is Titus and I am looking for a fabulous family that only has love for me.

10/6/21 Update:  Titus here, reporting on my new life here in the Lewis Lodge. I have to say, the accommodations are truly five-star. 

I get breakfast with fresh blueberries every morning, scrumptious dinner at night, and various healthy treats as rewards for good behavior and looking cute (I’m really good at looking cute). 

I have not just one, but three comfy beds to rest my head at the end of a very busy day. I have a private grassy space to do all my potty business… this gentleman knows that sort of thing belongs only outside. 

My favorite things are belly and booty scratches. The ladies who run this establishment are highly trained in their scratching skills and they provide this service around the clock!

My foster momma tells me every day, all day what a good boy I am. That I’m smart, sweet, handsome, and loved. She just can’t understand why someone would want to “put me down” because I want to be the only furry kid in the house. She says I am perfect and some people are just flawed. 

She always tells me a bedtime story that ends with me going to my furever home with a wonderful family who loves me as much as she does. 

Until then, I will soak up the sun and  indulge in the luxury of this loving place.

10/12/21 Update:  Greetings from the most handsome boy, according to my foster mom! I had a wonderful week here at the Lewis Lodge. These attendants here just love me and tell me what a hunk I am all the time. It’s great knowing how much I can be loved. I am still being a perfect guest. 

I am showing more of my charrming personality every day. Foster Mom says I’m a little trash troll, so she put all the waste baskets behind closed doors. I tried to explain I was a treasure hunter, but she wasn’t buying my story!

10/25/21 Update:  Hello All!  I am ready for fall weather to come and stay for a while! That’s my favorite walking weather. This wishy-washy weather is for the birds. I am living the best life here at Lewis Lodge. The outside hammock lounger is my preferred spot unless foster momma is around. I want to be near her when she is here. She tells me everyday how handsome and well-mannered I am. She gives the best massages and booty scratches. She said good boys get extra special treats around here and she was right! I got to have couch snuggle time this morning!! It was fantastic!! When it was time to get down I did so without protest. That’s what boys with good manners do.

I had lots of visits from human friends this week. They loved me so much. One them even let me help fix the front door handle and the gutter in the back yard! I also got an elk antler treat this week for being so perfect even though foster mom says it’s good for my toofies and keeps me entertained. I don’t concern myself with the reasons. All I know is this is the best chewy thing I’ve ever had! I will keep chewing it until my furever family finds me! Catch you later…I have this antler to attend to!

11/1/21 Update:  Guess what everyone?! Foster mom says today is my 5th birthday 🎂🥳🎉! It’s even better knowing I share my special day with Mr. Lincoln!! I celebrated with a special blueberry breakfast and I heard I get pup-safe ice cream tonight also! I bet I’ll get belly rubs, booty scratches, and more kisses than I know what to do with. I tell you, this life at the Lewis Lodge just can’t get any better! What a great way to spend my big birthday!

I have had a great week of visitors, pawdicures, and all the extra treats that good boys get!

The only birthday gift better than this would be my furever home!